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New Post 6/21/2017 1:18 PM
User is offline Tom McIntire
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Large Projects w/ Business Analysts 

Are there any articles, tips, tricks, FAQs, or processes that anyone can provide regarding working on larger projects with multiple BA's?

We are struggling to make sure that after we decomposition the functional requirements and send each BA off to create the requirements for their sections that each section flows together.

Everyone BA's writing style is a little different. We have some common guidelines to follow, but ultimately we want to make the end results flow well and be easily reviewed by the stakeholders.

New Post 7/9/2017 9:00 AM
User is offline Adrian M.
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Re: Large Projects w/ Business Analysts 

Hi Tom,

No matter how many guidelines, templates, classes you offer to the BA team, the reality is that every one is different, possess different skills, and has a different style.  So trying to achieve perfect uniformity is not possible... I'm sure you already know that.

Is there a BA Leader in the organization who is seasoned and has the capability to provide feedback and coach the rest?  If yes, one of the best way to accomplish your goal is to have the BA Leader (Master BA), review the deliverables from all other BAs and provide feedback.  The Master BA would not  herself/himself create any artifacts but focus solely on providing feedback and guidance.

This will not only help you achieve greater consistency of requirements documents but, even more importantly, it will ensure a cohesive set of requirements and design:

* ensure there are no duplicate requirements (multiple BAs working on the same thing)

* ensure there are no conflicting requirements (different BAs documenting requirements which cannot all be implemented at the same time)

* ensure the overall business process and design is consistent so that that parts work together as a unit to achieve the ultimate business goals/outcomes.

Let us know how you end up solving this challenge.


Adrian Marchis
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