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What is the BIZBOK?
Question: What is the BIZBOK?

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The BIZBOK stands for Business Architecture Body of Knowledge (also referenced as the BIZBOK Guide or The Guide to the Business Architecture Body of Knowledge).  

The guide represents an organized body of knowledge, set of disciplines, and best practices for business architects and other practitioners who would like to document and manage a formal business architecture with their organization to address business challenges.  Like many other BOKs or Bodies of Knowledge, the BIZBOK continues to be evolved over time

The current version of the BIZBOK is v3.0.  It’s evolution and formalization is owned and managed by the Business Architecture Guild whose primary purpose is to promote business architecture best practices and expand the knowledge-base of the Business Architecture discipline. The guild is developing the BIZBOK with input from authors, practitioners, and other architecture groups such as the Business Architecture Society, the OMG Business Architecture Special Interest Group, and the Business Architecture Institute. 

The full BIZBOK is available to Business Architecture Guild members.

The BIZBOK 3.0 Table of Contents:

Part 1: Introduction
Part 2: Business Architecture Blueprints
Section 2.1: Business Strategy Mapping 
Section 2.2: Capability Mapping
Section 2.3: Organization Mapping
Section 2.4: Value Mapping
Section 2.5: Information Mapping
Section 2.6: Initiative Mapping
Section 2.7: Product Mapping
Section 2.8: Stakeholder Mapping
Part 3: Business Architecture Practice
Section 3.1: Common Approaches for Getting Started
Section 3.2: Business Architecture Governance
Section 3.3: Business Architecture and Business Model Frameworks
Section 3.4: Business Architecture and Business Process Modeling
Section 3.5: Business Architecture and Case Management
Section 3.6: Business Architecture and Lean Six Sigma
Section 3.7: Business Architecture and Business Performance Management
Section 3.8: Business Architecture Tooling Options
Part 4: Business Architecture Scenarios
Part 5: The Business Architecture Knowledgebase
Part 6: Business Architecture and IT Architecture Alignment
Section 6.1: Business Architecture and IT Architecture Alignment Overview
Section 6.2: Business Architecture and Enterprise Architecture Alignment
Section 6.3: Business Architecture and Requirements Alignment
Section 6.4: Capability and Application Portfolio Management
Section 6.5: Business Architecture and SOA Alignment
Section 6.6: Business Information and IT Architecture Alignment
Section 6.7: Business Architecture and IT Architecture Transformation
Part 7: Business Architecture Case Studies
Part 8: Industry Reference Models
Part 9: Feedback Structure
Appendix A: Glossary
Appendix B: Editorial Board and Contributions


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