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The Business Analysis Conference Europe 2010 is building on its highly successful inaugural conference with more workshops and a third track – Business Agility and Business Analysis.  It brings together business analysis specialists from across Europe and beyond, providing a platform for promoting the BA profession and opportunities for BAs’ p...
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This entry was published on Aug 08, 2010 / Adrian M.. Posted in Business Analysis, Agile Methods, Career as a Business Systems Analyst, IIBA & BABOK. Bookmark the Permalink or E-mail it to a friend.
Usually when a Business Analyst is working on a project the client (which I’ll define as the party or stakeholder who receives the benefit of the Analyst’s services) and the customer (the party who is paying for the Analyst to render the services) are one in the same, at least from an overall organizational perspective (i.e. the client and customer...
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This entry was published on Aug 02, 2010 / Jarett Hailes. Posted in Business Analysis, Soft Skills, Roles and Responsibilities. Bookmark the Permalink or E-mail it to a friend.


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