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Craig Brown
Craig Brown

Agile, erm, yeh sure... I know what you are talking about

Guys and gals

Observing the forum here and industry discussions there appears to be some radical changes going on that are being ignored by the BA community.

It appears to me that the BA community is largely ignoring this Agile revolution.

Is this true?  Are you ignoring it and focusing on getting your job done, and maybe even doing it better, but pretty much ignoring the agile community of methods and techniques?

Over the next couple of weeks I'll post up some YouTube clips and Slideshare decks explaining some of the more common agile methods.

If you want to keep working in IT projects over the next few years you'll need to understand what is going on and how it will change your job and career prospects.

I'll also open up a discussion thread in the forum where you can go and discuss your thoughts.


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DougGtheBA posted on Sunday, February 22, 2009 9:47 AM
Ignore it?! No way!

When mgmt started spewing about how they wanted us to go Agile, I started to get re-educated. We're a Waterfall org that's too ashamed to admit, so I figured I was missing something that has come out in the last few years with regard to Agile and teamwork. Maybe something had been written into the methodology that allowed for silos and an anti-collaborative environment. Wow! Maybe we actually could be Agile and still work in bubbles!! now realize that Agile hasn't changed.....and neither have we. It's still everyman for himself. I will continue to focus my attention on getting our teams to work together as....well...teams. Maybe then we can learn how begin to think iteritively.

As much as I'd like to move forward in best practices, it's not a one-man affair. We must move together or must all remain in the trenches together. Right now, I'm concentrating on a new experimental Ego destruction pill that they can all take to render themselves no better than the rest. Then maybe they'll be open to working together. Wish me luck! I'm goin' in!!!!........
posted on Friday, February 27, 2009 9:36 AM
I find that when new terms like Agile or SCRUM etc. are introduced into converstaions with customers of business folks their eyes quickly glaze over.

Have a look at this post that expalins how an itterative approach can be used for delivering business value in a manageable way. The underlaying method is Agile but it sets the context without alienanting them.
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