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Why UX and UI are important parts in the scaling of a website

Researches show that rejection or selection of a website is 94% design related. This points that UI/UX is the crucial factor determining the success or failure of a website. As online business transactions are gaining popularity now-a-days it seems to be critical to offer a good UI/UX for the website. Since different options are available for the users, they would look for those sites having good appearance and are easy to use.

UI focuses on visual aspects of your website. UI determines how information is presented and how visitors interact with it.

UX focuses on the overall experience of your website and determines how visitors get from point A to B while navigating through your website.

It is quite evident why User Experience Design is very important for a website. However, we give you 5 unmissable reasons to strengthen the fact.

Feedback Time and Response

Feedback Time & Response are the two best features of any social networking and social media sites. Feedback is a pointer to interaction design. It enables the user to communicate with the product whether the desired task is completed and what to do next.

The response time in feedback is also a key factor. It must be a real time. It should be within 1 and 10 seconds.

Simple interface — Usability

It is the prime feature in social networking and social media sites. The apps or websites should be simple in colors and graphic design. It should have minimum number of clicks.

For example Whatsapp is most popular social networking application. It has simple layouts, visual and User-centered Design.

Product Clarity — Better Navigation

Clarity is one of the important characteristic of any digital product. The sole purpose of your product is to facilitate users to interact with your system. To achieve this it must clearly communicate with the user. If the user cannot achieve this clarity he might feel distracted and may abandon your product. To improve clarity labels must be given for buttons and actions.

User Assistance

Another feature that makes your product easy to use is User assistance & Help. It provides information when something happens unexpected suddenly or when people get stuck. Help will guide the user through the necessary steps towards a solution to the issue he is facing.

Forgiving Interface — Enhanced Quality

Nobody is perfect and users are bound to make mistakes when using your digital product. How well you can handle such mistakes is an indicator of your product’s quality.

Forgiving interface is the one that can save your users from costly mistakes. Undo is the most commonly used forgiving interface.

Conclusion: The Lasting Impact

For success in any online business, an user friendly website is a must as it will provide enhanced user experience to the online visitors. Any site that is too complex and difficult will definitely push away online traffic. Providing best user experience means you are delivering best services that help to boost your sales. User-centered Design Techniques are the most important aspect that impact the future of your business.

  • Good UI/UX you can win the confidence of your customers
  • Innovative features and attractive designs create and enhance your brand value
  • The aim of UI/UX is to present an optimized design and experience to the users for their satisfaction
  • Your business can get a boost for future growth if you get your UI and UX aspects right



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