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Webinar: How West Bend used Process Mapping

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Stacie Kenney, Sr. Business Process Analyst – West Bend Mutual Insurance.

In a tough economy, those companies that develop innovative ways of reducing business costs can expand market share in areas where other companies simply cannot afford to compete.

West Bend Mutual Insurance recently chose to use BPM and process mapping as a way to reduce business costs and to allow them to bring new offerings to market more quickly. Now they are addressing new commercial business segments that they previously could not.

In this presentation, you will learn:

  • How BPM and process mapping allowed Stacie and team to deliver a highly valued exception process, thereby creating a more attractive product to our agents, which up until that time had been impractical to offer.
  • How after West Bend reorganized its IT department, they used process mapping to determine how to best serve their internal clients.
  • How BPM tools and techniques are being promoted and adopted within West Bend to help spread the culture of process improvement.
DURATION: 20 minute presentation followed by 10 minute interactive question and answer session.

Access webinar ->  Webinar: How West Bend used Process Mapping

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