The Systems Analyst Role

High-level definition of the Systems Analyst role

The Systems Analyst is an “IT Business Analyst” who is more focused on system design and the technical aspects of the solution.

The systems analyst’s role is mostly system solution centric (does not generally participate in the requirements gathering process) and is involved in the creation of functional and technical specifications. This is the professional who, once requirements are clearly defined, creates the functional solution and, by working with the technical team (architect and developers), creates technical specifications and designs.

Other common titles for this role are: Systems Engineer, Business Analyst (generic term), etc.


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Feedback on The Profession->Systems Analyst
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 Field Service Tech, 6/22/2012 
Reviewer: IT tech (Johannesburg, South Africa)
For somebody that does not have a University degree or diploma..that just have your normal IT tech qualifications(A+ N+ MCSE ect.) with experience.. how does one become a IT systems analyst?
Which courses, does one take…?
 IT Systems Analyst, 11/21/2011 
Reviewer: Krista (Fair Lawn , United States)
That is is my title and that is what I do working with the CRM and the SQL development of our database .
 * analyst, 7/30/2011 
Reviewer: Lada (Zagreb, Croatia)
I can finally put a name to the job I actually want to do! :)
 Information Systems Analysts, 8/16/2010 
Reviewer: Sandy (Manila, Philippines)
I am a computer science graduate. I've been in the aforementioned profession for about two years now and I can say is that the profession is really a challenging one. Aside from being good in documentation. You need to be a great communicator too because have to talk to business owners, managers and technical people such as database admin, programmers, etc. in a way that they will easily understand you. best of luck to everyone.
 just new in this , 1/23/2010 
Reviewer: Qahtan (Winnipeg, Canada)
in my company a job came titled as System analyst and i guess i have all the job requirment but the thing i dont know for sure wath i am axccpcting to DO ??


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