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Craig Brown (

Craig began working as a business process analyst before moving on to larger projects as a BA, BA team of process analysts and as a project manager. Today he consults, swapping between project manager and business analyst depending on the projects on offer at the time. Craig has worked as an analyst in Australian telcos, banking, education, government and small business.

Craig is a regular participant at the forums, often focusing on the business value of work rather than the specific technical practices.

Craig’s education, training and certifications include:

  • Bachelor of Business; University of Newcastle (NSW)
  • Master of Project Management; RMIT

Craig’s Project Member contributions include:

  • MA Community Expert - General Analysis (Jan '10 – Present)
  • MA Community Expert - Project & Personnel Management (Jan ’10 – Present)
  • Core Member Program - program phased out (Sep '07 - Jan '10)


Guy Beauchamp (

Guy Beauchamp started his career in 1985 as an analyst programmer working on mainframes writing in Assembler. He moved over to Business Analysis in 1992 and has worked in many large and small enterprises, private and publicly owned. He has been a BA trainer and runs his own on-line training programme. And he also still does Business Analysis! He is author of two manuals on Requirements Engineering and Modelling Business Processes, as well as numerous articles for Modern Analyst.

Guy’s Project Member contributions include:

  • MA Community Expert - Data Analysis & Modeling (Jan '10 – Present)
  • MA Community Expert - Structured Systems Analysis (Jan '10 – Present)
  • Article Submissions - 4 Articles (
  • Article Submissions - 3 Articles (
  • Core Member Program - program phased out (Nov '07 - Jan '10)


Jarett Hailes

Jarett Hailes is President of Larimar Consulting Inc. His career has always straddled the intersection of Information Technology and Business. While an undergraduate student in University, he co-founded two spin-off companies that commercialized leading mathematical technology into a variety of industries including targeted advertising and financial portfolio management.

Jarett discovered that there was a dedicated role for what he found he was always doing: identifying root causes of problems, working with stakeholders to identify and evaluate solutions and translate one group’s terminology into something another group could easily understand, and vice-versa. Since Jarett has moved into Business Analysis and Project Management full-time he has had the opportunity to work on a variety of strategic projects and has managed teams of Business Analysts to perform large-scale requirements gathering activities with hundreds of stakeholder organizations.

Jarett’s education, training and certifications include:

  • Bachelor of Science, Business Minor; University of Alberta
  • Business Analyst Citation Program; University of Alberta
  • Certified ScrumMaster and Certified Scrum Product Owner; Scrum Alliance

Jarett’s Project Member contributions include:

  • MA Community Expert – Agile Methods (Jan ’10 – Present)


Perry McLeod

Picture: Perry McLeod

Perry McLeod is an independent consultant with over 14-years in the business systems analysis space. Perry is a strong believer that his place, as a business analyst, is at the intersection between people, process and technology (the PPT triad). Originally Perry studied fine art and had planned to be an Art Director. That changed however when he was asked to be a database developer for a small telemarketing company that he was working for, shortly after graduating. “I was drawn to the logic and the business processes, I never looked back”.

Over a decade later Perry has become well known in the Business Analyst community. In addition to running his own consulting firm, PJM Limited, Perry is also the EVP of the IIBA Toronto Chapter, an Advisory Board Member for Project World/Business Analyst World, a contributor to the BABOK, a former instructor for the University of Toronto as well as Simon Fraser University of British Columbia Canada and a current instructor for Nexient, a Global Knowledge company. Recently, Perry has been focusing on Scrum as a means to deliver test based sprints for projects with durations from 3 to over 20 months; budgeted from $17k to over $10 million with teams ranging from 2 to 15 members in areas such as: the public and private sectors, software sales, insurance, finance and legal.

Perry's education, training and certifications include:

  • CBAP® Certified Business Analysis Professional™
  • PMP® Project Management Professional™
  • Certificate in Advance Business Analysis; McMaster
  • Degree in Business Management; Herzing
  • Degree in Graphic Design and Photography; George Brown

Perry's Speaking Engagements include:

  • BOOM and UML; Project World Business Analyst World (2010)
  • Agile and the BA; Project World Business Analyst World (2009)

Perry’s Project Member contributions include:

  • Core Member Program - program phased out (Sept '07 - Jan '10)


Sandy Lambert

Sandy Lambert is a Business Analyst / Business Architect, with a strong track record of collaborative business partnerships. In her 20-year career as an IT professional, she has moved from programmer to project manager before finding a perfect fit in business analyst roles. Sandy has worked for public and private-sector organizations in Canada and the US, with experience in utilities, oil and gas, education, and health care domains.

She is currently working as a management consultant focusing on business process design, business architecture, business solution design, current-state assessments, and business case development. She enjoys sharing information and ideas through Modern Analyst forums, and is committed to the development and growth of the Business Analysis profession.

Sandy's education and training include:

  • Computer Systems Diploma (with honors)
  • Bachelor of Arts, Psychology (with distinction)

Sandy’s Project Member contributions include:

  • MA Community Expert – BPMN (Sep ‘11 - Present)

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