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“A recently launched website aims to define a simple lightweight project delivery framework designed to combat the phenomena of PINO (Prince2 in Name Only). The new site is the brainchild of Dr. Peter Merrick and it is a synthesis of Prince2, RUP and waterfall. The main points of this new framework is it explicitly recognises the needs of all manag...
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How do you measure up against the IIBA's BOK.  Take a quick self assessment and then work out a personal development plan to help you get ready for certification.   | View | Upload your own
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The BA Handbook is a wiki designed for Business Analysts.  It's aim is to create a knowledge base that analysts can use to share their knowledge and learn about new and useful things. So far the content is limited.  It needs more information and more people to contrinute to it. Maybe you can help.  If so, click on the link below an...
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As we start a new year many of us will take the time to reflect on our accomplishments from 2012 and plan our goals for 2013. We can set small or large goals. goals that will be accomplished quickly or could take several years. For 2013, I think Business Analysts should look to go beyond our traditional boundaries and set audacious goals. Merriam-...
Recently, I was asked by the IIBA to present a talk at one of their chapter meetings. I am reprinting here my response to that invitation in the hope that it will begin a conversation with fellow EEPs and BAs about an area of great concern to the profession. Hi xx …. Regarding the IIBA talk, there is another issue that I am considering. It's p...
Continuing the ABC series for Business Analysts, Howard Podeswa created the next installment titled "BA ABCs: “C” is for Class Diagram" as an article rather than a blog post. You can find the article here: BA ABCs: “C” is for Class Diagram Here are the previous two posts: BA ABCs: “A” is for Activity Diagram BA ABCs: “B” is for BPMN


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