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Webinar: How BAs Can Achieve Business Maturity: The Prerequisite for Agile Projects

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A central business object repository is not hard to set up; and it delivers substantial value by creating and maintaining operational maturity, which is a prerequisite for an organization to be agile.

  • every organization has many perspectives, 
  • the age-old problem of silos of information persists in the era of big data, 
  • 2020 is THE year in which change management will be tested, 
  • performance improvement must be centered on value streams.  

The best way to achieve Process Maturity through a comprehensive process methodology is by using a shared business object repository. In this way business analysts, enterprise architects, human resource managers, and resource managers can share information through a big data repository to optimize an organization and help members of the C suite perform their management role. When attending this webinar, you will: 

  • understand how a business object repository works and delivers value 
  • learn how easy it is to start small and evolve the environment to maturity level V just by using the right tools 

We look forward to welcoming you to this event.

FEATURED SPONSOR: EnVision by Future Tech Systems Inc.  

FEATURED SPEAKERRob Allen, CEO BS in Chemistry, Masters in IT, Fellow of UK Business Risk Round Table, Rob has worked in the USA and Europe for over 40 years in corporate governance. He has a great track record of successfully enhancing complex and regulated businesses through his business process optimization skills.

FEATURED SPEAKERLisa Cates, Head of Service Delivery BS in Math & Masters in Education, Lisa has led business transformation teams in education, federal government, retail, and healthcare projects for more years than we are allowed to reveal.

Download slides ->  How BAs Can Achieve Business Maturity: The Prerequisite for Agile Projects

Download video -> How BAs Can Achieve Business Maturity: The Prerequisite for Agile Projects




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