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Webinar: How BAs Can Use Technology to Implement a Continuous Improvement Plan

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About the Webinar: What problems could you solve and what solutions would you build if you had a programmer at your disposal at all times? With Quick Base, you don't need one. Instead of going to IT, you can build an application for capturing, storing and managing data about your business systems – without learning how to code. 

Quick Base is an award-winning cloud software platform for creating custom solutions to everyday business challenges. Quick Base is fast, customizable, and allows non-programmers to build solutions while still reaping the benefits of standardization, governance and security offered by commercial software products. The no-code platform empowers business analysts and other non-programmers to: 

  • Build your own automated workflows and processes to increase team efficiencies
  • Connect whatever data sources you need with ease
  • Build reports and dashboards that track key metrics and information that's important to you
  • Build multiple prototypes to explore alternate solutions. 

Putting continuous improvement tools in the hands of BAs allows all aspects of the business to constantly experiment, iterate and improve. 

Join us for this webinar to see how Quick Base can be used to solve common business problems you may encounter every day. When you attend this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Design a data model of your business problem
  • Build an application using that model
  • Manage User Roles, Reports, Dashboards and more 

During the Webinar, Erich Wehrmann, Solutions Consultant at Quick Base, will give you an introduction to the Quick Base platform and demonstrate how to build an app to manage your workflows and automate your processes without coding.

Featured Speaker: Erich Wehrmann, Best Practices Consultant, Quick Base   

Erich is a consultant for Quick Base. He has over 15 years of professional IT expertise across areas including software development, project management, data management, and application governance. He is focused on providing guidance for data and application architecture strategies and projects as they relate to no-code and low-code software development. He assists customers with establishing technology and governance best practices through professional services work, continued education, and enthusiasm for continuous improvement. Erich has a master’s degree in Information Management as well as certifications across many IT facets of the IT industry.    

Featured Sponsor: Quick Base

Download slides ->  How BAs Can Use Technology to Implement a Continuous Improvement Plan

Download video ->  How BAs Can Use Technology to Implement a Continuous Improvement Plan

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