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Webinar: Predicting Project Outcomes (Requirements Gathering under the Microscope)

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This session provides attendees with hands on techniques for determining the outcome of their projects before the project really gets rolling. This session is about facts, and presents extensive research from IAG’s new Business Analysis Benchmark Study to help business analysts and project managers build a predictive risk assessment model. This session puts the intake and requirements gathering process of the project lifecycle under the microscope to determine what actions Business Analysts and Project Managers can take to more consistently achieve a successful outcome on their projects.

Learning Objectives:

1. Quantify the impact of requirements quality on project time and cost

2. Learn an assessment tool for identifying high risk projects

3. Understand proactive strategies for driving success when faced with odds stacked against you 


Keith Ellis

VP, Marketing & Strategic Alliances

IAG Consulting

Keith Ellis is the Vice President, Marketing at IAG Consulting where he leads the marketing and strategic alliances efforts of this global leader in business requirements discovery and management. Keith is a veteran of the technology services business and founder of the business analysis company Digital Mosaic which was sold to IAG in 2007. Keith's former lives have included leading the consulting and services research efforts of the technology trend watcher International Data Corporation in Canada, and the marketing strategy of the global outsourcer CGI in the financial services sector. Keith is the author of IAG's Business Analysis Benchmark - the definitive source of data on the impact of business requirements on technology projects.

DURATION: 60 minute presentation and interactive question and answer session.


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By Eric @ Tuesday, December 7, 2010 1:15 PM
The presentation gave some good cost and time information on why as a business anayst we should strive to better our skills. I also like how elicitation was pointed out as a week point of some/most business analyst.

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