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Enterprise Agility announces their On-Demand eLearning Series with the launch of “Introduction to the Business Process Modeling Notation”
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Posted by: heidtd4300 on Tuesday, March 10, 2009

CHICAGO — March 10th, 2009

Enterprise Agility announced the launch of their new targeted on-demand e-learning series. The release of this first series of courses is the result of Enterprise Agility’s commitment to respond to their clients’ input and the current economic conditions by delivering new approaches to business analysis skill building.

Rethinking the Approach to Skill-building
The focus is on giving organizations a blend of modular training assets that can be delivered on-demand and also tailored for in-house branding and maximum job relevancy. With recent marketplace changes and the internal complexity organizations are wrestling with, companies are both demanding more from their Business Analysts (BAs) as well as being forced to rethink the way that they go about getting those BAs the skills that they need. “Our clients are looking for the flexibility to have on-demand customized training that they can integrate into their corporate training programs for their Business Analysts,” noted David Heidt.

Targeted, On-Demand, At-Your-Pace, On-Your Schedule™
Through 2009, Enterprise Agility will be delivering a series of
On-Demand eLearning courses to organizations world-wide. David Heidt says, “These courses represent a fundamental rethinking of how to deliver business analysis skill-building. This new generation of self-paced business analysis courses eliminate much of the time, effort and costs involved with live-instructor training while increasing the quality and effectiveness of business analysis skilling building. Today’s organizations are looking for focused training that is targeted to their needs, when they need it, at a reasonable pace and cost rather than the traditional training where students are expected to absorb huge amounts of information in a short period of time and then struggle to find the relevance of the training to their day-to-day jobs.”

Introduction to the Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN)
The first course in Enterprise Agility’s
On-Demand eLearning Series focuses on one of the key skills that organizations are interested in building, the ability to use the Business Process Modeling Notation (BPMN). By targeting skill-building using BPMN, Enterprise Agility has created an intensive that focuses on the key notational elements of BPMN required for individuals doing business process and/or workflow modeling. But rather than teaching every aspect of the notation, students are taught how to use the BPMN to model the most common business process situations.

About Enterprise Agility
Founded in 1993,
Enterprise Agility
delivers advisory, training and leadership services to U.S. and global organizations. Clients partner with Enterprise Agility to adopt business engineering approaches to increase business agility while reducing operational costs. As an industry standard setter and a worldwide leader in the areas of business architecture, process, rules, requirements and legacy transformation, Enterprise Agility brings unmatched multi-disciplinary expertise to its clients.




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