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Reuters Events Marketing Report: Personalization and Precision in the Age of AI
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Posted by: SofiaGerrard on Monday, August 7, 2023

Against an ever-shifting backdrop of rising interest rates and costs, growing competition, channel proliferation and astonishing advancements in technology, marketers must find ways to meaningfully connect with customers.

Better segmentation, targeting and deep customer understanding through greater data literacy, are top priorities – all of which will help deliver the personalization that is vital to building brand loyalty.

That’s why Reuters Events, in partnership with HCL Unica, has released our latest report ‘Personalization and Precision in the Age of AI.’

Informed by interviews with some of the world’s most influential marketing leaders and data enthusiasts from brands including eBay, Vanguard, K18, Miss Universe, Super, and Discover Puerto Rico, this 11-page report explores how established companies and innovative startups are winning customer attention and loyalty through the power and precision of new data-driven technology. 

Broken up into three parts, you’ll leave with key learnings on how to: 

  • 1. Make sense of the fragmented martech jungle: Marketing today is a fast-changing environment – get insights on what to focus on and where to invest
  • 2. Personalize with precision, and use cases for gen AI: Move beyond segmentation by creating real-time products, services or experiences that are targeted at the individual level
  • 3. Prepare for continuous change: Data is always going to change, channels are always going to change, and there are always going to be new tools – set up the right infrastructure to futureproof your access to data and insights needed for personalized end-to-end experiences

Access the full report here for more information.




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