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Enfocus Requirements Suite Now Live and Ready to Deliver Innovation
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Posted by: apalten on Monday, June 11, 2012

Enfocus Solutions Inc. announces launch of Enfocus Requirements Suite -- an innovative resource for improved requirements managment and greater business value

The anticipated release of Enfocus Requirements Suite, the robust, interactive requirments tool by Enfocus Solutions Inc., is here.  Starting now, this software as a service is available at, and business analysts and IT projfessionals can start exploring the resources, horsepower, and stakeholder input capabilities of this revolutionary new service.

Enfocus Requirements Suite™ was strategically designed to allow for inclusive stakeholder involvement and collaboration, as well as greater transparency into business requirements. The Suite empowers stakeholders to input their user needs directly into the software, and lets IT developers translate those needs into actionable, traceable business requirements.

In addition, the tool comes with a feature not found in other online requirements management or development tools: an extensive variety of supporting resources, including requirements samples, templates, user persona examples, and self-help training materials that provide a foundation for project managers, business analysts, and CIOs to quickly document system requirements.

“The unique stakeholder collaboration component – along with the resources and references – are what sets Enfocus Requirements Suite™ apart from other services,” says Enfocus Solutions Inc. CEO John Parker. 

Parker adds he is excited about the launch. “Now business leaders will be able to use this tool in their own enterprises, creating more opportunities for innovation, greater project success, and more value to their bottom lines.”

Enfocus Requirements Suite™ comprises four components that work together to help users utilize and leverage their knowledge of business rules and processes; stakeholder needs; and best practices in business analyses, project management, and information technology:

  • Requirements Excellence Framework™ – a how-to guide of requirements examples and practice guides
  • RequirementPro™ – the interactive requirements tool compatible with Mac and PC platforms
  • RequirementCoach™ – sample requirements, benchmarking reports, and requirements training
  • StakeholderPortal™ – the unique interface where stakeholders enter their needs and user stories and have transparency into requirements throughout the development and implementation lifecycle

Enfocus Requirements Suite™ can be used in both waterfall and agile development environments, and uses standardized language set forth by the APQC, the Business Analysts Body of Knowledge (BABOK), and the Business Process Management Body of Knowledge (BPM CBOK). The Suite is available in two pricing structures, with the Enterprise license providing access to videos by requirements expert Karl Wiegers, as well as eight hours of telephone consulting from Enfocus Solutions Inc.

Information on purchasing the Enfocus Requirements Suite™ is available at


About Enfocus Solutions Inc.

Enfocus Solutions Inc. helps businesses spur innovation, improve productivity, and cut costs by capturing, managing, and leveraging the systems requirements of their people, processes, and technology. A secure software as a service, the Enfocus Requirements Suite™ features user persona examples, best practice requirements, and requirements management training. Moreover, it is the only service available that lets stakeholders directly contribute to and collaborate on the requirements knowledgebase, using their own words. Enfocus Solutions Inc. is a privately held company headquartered in San Antonio, Texas.


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Enfocus Solutions Inc. 
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