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Bluespring Unveils Essential Process Analytics for Microsoft Visio that Anyone Can Use
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Posted by: rkurzarc on Tuesday, May 1, 2012

May 1, 2012 – Cincinnati, Ohio. Bluespring Software, a leading provider of Business Process Innovation (BPI) technologies, announced the release of its new ProcessView™ Essential software for Microsoft (NADAQ: MSFT) Visio®. ProcessView Essential is a free add in that allows information workers, process owners and industrial engineers to easily model and measure performance of any business process described in Microsoft Visio.

Designed with an extremely easy and intuitive user interface, ProcessView Essential takes simple process diagrams in Visio and makes them come to life to answer key questions such as “How long does it take to execute the process? How many resources are involved? How much does it cost”? etc. Once the basic information is collected, Bluespring’s patented ProcessView Analytics Engine crunches the numbers and produces robust KPI reports and dashboards at the touch of a button.

“ProcessView Essential is the first free product of its kind that allows Visio users to capture critical data about business process and generate meaningful statistics to make more informed business decisions,” said Rich Kurz, Vice President of Client Services for Bluespring. “We are proud to offer a tool that allows everyone from a Junior Business Analyst to ITIL Practitioners and Lean Six Sigma Black Belts to incorporate analytics into every process improvement project. With ProcessView Essential’s ease of use and focus on a few key metrics – time, cost and resources, now they can!” Kurz added.

Bluespring claims, without an innovative solution like ProcessView Essential, it is very difficult to provide concrete, statistical proof regarding how much a process costs and how improvements can reduce time, cost and improve quality. ProcessView Essential allows everyone involved to get on the same page regarding a process’ effectiveness by producing these valuable KPI’s and providing the ability to benchmark a current state process against a modeled future state. ProcessView builds the ROI for the process improvement effort.

ProcessView Essential allows anyone looking to improve their business process the ability to:

  • Enter critical information about a process like time, cost, variability and resources, right into the Visio process map.
  • Quickly validate a Visio process map and the information that was entered.
  • Generate reports to identify overall process time, duration, utilization and resource cost.
  • Measure the contribution of time and cost of every activity (step) in the process and quickly identify over and underutilized areas.
  • Automatically separate all execution paths within a process, along with the frequency and duration of travel.
  • Understand the impact of process improvements by modeling and simulating them before making any changes

ProcessView Essential provides anyone analyzing a business process access to simulation | modeling metrics they could not get without a significant investment in software and training. ProcessView Essential is the newest member of a family of Analytic products that include ProcessView Standard, ProcessView Professional and LeanView™ (for Value Stream Mapping) that improve the capabilities found in Microsoft Visio.

About Bluespring

Bluespring Software ( is a leader in providing Business Process Innovation (BPI) through advanced Analytics and Automation technologies. Using a “Rapid Process Assessment” methodology combined with advanced solutions for Business Process Analysis (BPA) and Business Process Management (BPM), Bluespring helps organizations worldwide understand and significantly improve key business processes in order to reduce cost, increase customer responsiveness, ensure quality, maintain compliance, and support growth. Bluespring is a proud member of the Vora Group of companies.

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