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The Findings are in: The State of BA Practices in Organizations
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Posted by: Khass on Monday, August 1, 2011


The Findings are in, and they are Extremely Promising!
The research project conducted by Kathleen B. Hass and Lori Lindbergh, PhD is complete and the Research Summary: The   State of Business Analysis Practices in Organizations, is now available at
Why study the state of BA practices in organizations?
Businesses are operating in a complex global economy that is in chaos; the earning power of many countries around the world has contracted and may never be the same again. Findings of a recent study, consisting of interviews with more than 1500 CEOs, indicate that the presence of unrelenting complexity is the number one challenge that companies face in the 21st century (IBM, 2010). These CEOs believe they are not equipped to manage the complexities they face. In addition, there is a realization that we must learn to capitalize on complexity to unleash the creativity and innovation that are the hallmark of successful organizations. So what does this really mean for 21st century businesses? Will your organization be able to adapt to an ever more complex business environment faster than your competitors?
To remain competitive, it is more important than ever for an organization’s leadership team to use business analysis (BA) practices to execute strategies through innovative solutions. Over the years, business analysis has been rapidly developing as a profession and as a core business practice in many organizations; however, all too often business analysis is still in its foundational stages. While there are many studies on the role of business analysts, there is a gap in knowledge about the maturity of business analysis practices in organizations.
The Good News: Business Analysis is Taking Hold!
The good news is: The findings validated that BA practices are fast emerging in organizations. Although BA practices are still mostly tactical (focused at the project level), organizations are beginning to invest in more strategic business analysis practices. Furthermore, those organizations that are investing in more mature BA practices are experiencing fewer project challenges and are also delivering greater business benefits.
The Burden of Analysis
What keeps organizations from achieving innovation and competitive advantage through their project portfolio? “Companies often lack the necessary management information and the energy required to address the burden of analysis” (Mais, 2006). Businesses are beginning to realize that the burden of analysis is relieved through the energy and expertise of the business analyst. Business analysts, working to support project portfolio managers, provide the enterprise analysis, tools, processes and actionable information so decision makers can make the best project investments. If you would like to download a copy of the research report, please follow this link:




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