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Centrifuge Systems and Saffron Technology Announce Partnership to Deliver Visually Interactive Streaming Data Analytics Solution
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Posted by: aagresta on Wednesday, May 19, 2010

McLean, VA & Cary, NC, May 19, 2010 –- Centrifuge Systems, Inc., a leading provider of next-generation Business Intelligence (BI) software, and Saffron Technology, Inc., a data analytics software firm providing associative–memory-based Experience Management solutions, today jointly announced they are partnering to deliver a graphical, highly interactive streaming data analytics and Business Intelligence solution for enterprises worldwide.  Both Saffron and Centrifuge were recently recognized as “Cool Vendors” by a leading analyst firm.
The integrated solution combines Saffron Natural Intelligence Platform Version 8.0 (Saffron 8) and Centrifuge 2.0.  The offering gives customers in business and government the ability to apply associative memory to analytics and business intelligence – both via Saffron’s sense-making and decision support capabilities, and Centrifuge’s powerful visualization solutions.
The Companies are calling their combined solution, “Visual Experience Management.”  What is unique and most significant is that the system gains experience in real time – it learns from memory and can remember and visually present everything -- because of the nature of visual associative memory technology. 
The cloud-ready solution, available now, has broad applicability to public and commercial enterprises across industry sectors. Potential uses of the combined solution include: corporate, national and cyber security, fraud detection, financial data analysis, geospatial data management, customer relationship management, intelligence analysis, legal and litigation matters, B2B and consumer marketing, and supply and demand chain management.
“Visual Experience Management”
Overlaying Saffron with Centrifuge delivers rich, interactive visualization features such as bubble charts, relationship graphs, heat maps and time lines that give clarity and meaning to the memories stored in Saffron.  By transforming data into memories, memories into Experience, and Experience into graphical images, what results is a highly interactive form of Business Intelligence.
With Visual Experience Management from Saffron + Centrifuge, users can quickly connect to and integrate data from widely disparate sources into consolidated visualizations.  Data from public or private sources, enterprise or departmental data, geospatial or sensor data, indeed data across the entire Internet -- including the Deep Web -- can be ingested into Saffron, and graphically depicted by Centrifuge.  Users can find connections, similarities, groupings and patterns in their data, and see non-obvious relationships and anomalies in large data sets at record level detail. 
The Saffron Natural Intelligence Platform
Built on associative memory technology, Saffron is the new framework for Experience Management, the business intelligence of the future. Semantically connected, statistically rich with frequencies, free of traditionally bounded models of statistics and rules, and powered by service-oriented technology architecture, Saffron continuously identifies patterns and situations –– “Experience” -- in data.  As new data arrives, new memories are formed.  Saffron learns incrementally about connections and frequencies among people, places, things and events. The result is a multi-dimensional, non-parametric, massively scalable, connection engine capable of helping companies achieve new breakthroughs in real-time consumer personalization, business intelligence and national security.
Centrifuge Interactive Analysis
Centrifuge provides freeform data exploration using charts, time lines, maps, relationship graphs (link analysis) and geo-spatial visualizations. The link analysis technology allows analysts to show important relationships between data such as people, places, events and other attributes. By enabling users to connect, explore and visually share what’s in their data, Centrifuge delivers timely, accurate and relevant visualizations that enhance collaboration, performance and results.  The Centrifuge approach to Interactive Analysis brings together three important capabilities needed when performing data discovery: interactive data visualization, unified data views and collaborative analysis.
“Businesses today need effective ways to reveal non-obvious insights quickly. Users want products to be easy to use and implemented in days rather than months. We believe the unique Saffron + Centrifuge approach to Visual Experience Management is well-aligned with this growing need and has been proven in the most demanding applications in the world,” said Guljit Khurana, president and CEO, Centrifuge Systems.
“Traditional, rules-based or statistically oriented BI and data analytics solutions are falling way short in the face of today’s rapidly increasing data management challenges.  By combining our respective solutions, Centrifuge + Saffron are delivering a new and powerful way to capture, present, manage and apply what’s really in the data and use it for non-stop sense making and adaptive decision support,” said Manny Aparicio, founder and CEO, Saffron Technology.
The Saffron + Centrifuge Visual Experience Management solution is available now via SaffronSierra, a global developer platform.  For access and pricing information, and co-development and education opportunities, contact either company. 
About Saffron Technology
Saffron helps business and IT leaders use the collective Experience hidden in their data to better understand business scenarios, determine best possible courses of action, and make higher value decisions about critical business issues.  Our customers are innovators, in academia, corporations and government. They are engaged in high-stakes research, financial services, risk management, supply chain operations, national security, health care, social media & marketing, and more.  SaffronSierra is a Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) for developers creating new applications with the Saffron Natural Intelligence Platform, including SaffronMemoryBaseTM.  To learn more, visit
Saffron Technology.
The World of Experience.TM
About Centrifuge: Centrifuge Systems ( is a leading provider of next-generation business intelligence software that helps organizations discover insights, patterns and relationships hidden in their data. The unique Centrifuge approach to data visualization is called “Interactive Analytics” and brings together three innovations in analysis: Interactive Data Visualization, Unified Data Views and Collaborative Analysis. With Centrifuge, users ask open-ended questions of their data by interacting with visual representations of the data directly. Traditional business intelligence solutions require users to define what they want to see in advance and present the results in static dashboards. With Centrifuge, users determine what is of interest "on the fly," then manipulate the displays directly in a highly interactive fashion. The experience is refreshingly easy-to-use and the resulting insights can be extraordinary. Data integration has never been more flexible in allowing users to join disparate data sources without any complex programming or wait times.
Centrifuge is used in some of the most demanding applications in the world, including counter-terrorism, homeland defense, cyber security and financial crimes analysis. Commercial applications of this technology include fraud analysis, cyber security, performance management, customer relationship management, business intelligence, manufacturing analysis, clinical trials analysis and much more. Centrifuge is available for a free evaluation, either as a download or online, at
Centrifuge Systems.
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Centrifuge Systems, Inc.
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