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Business Analysis to Play Key Role In Meeting Enterprise Challenges in 2010
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Posted by: dtjorg on Monday, February 15, 2010

ARLINGTON, Va.USA – The 2010 Top 10 trends for requirements management and development (RMD) – also known as business analysis – that will impact business this year were announced by ESI International. Determined by a global panel of ESI’s senior executives and consultants, these trends acknowledge the maturation of RMD in the enterprise as it enables organizations to meet the challenges brought on by unprecedented economic volatility.

Refocus on Strategic Enterprise Analysis

In 2009, recessionary pressures stalled the expectation that businesses would implement RMD to focus on strategic enterprise analysis and resulted in reactive, tactical decision-making and implementation. For 2010, a demand for increased operational efficiencies will have organizations looking at things from the top down.

The Rise of the Community of Practice

Communities of practice will gain prominence as organizations continue to recognize their importance, yet lack budgetary and other resources for more formalized business analysis centers of excellence. Organizations will realize that the opportunity to share lessons learned, best practices and professional recognition is the next best thing.

Assessing the Value of RMD

RMD professionals will be answering questions like “How are we having an impact?” and “Are we bringing profitability to the enterprise?” as businesses struggle to contain costs in the face of continuing budget cuts. The need for metrics to effectively measure the value of RMD and demonstrate its ROI to the enterprise will be important not only in 2010, but throughout the next decade.

An Explosive Increase in CBAPâ Certification

The increase in Certified Business Analysis Professionalä (CBAPâ) certification goes hand in hand with demonstrating the value of RMD. Request for proposals globally are beginning to require CBAPâ certified BAs (or those in the process of obtaining CBAPâ). Hiring requirements, in turn, are reflecting that full-time employees/contractors must have achieved the certification.

The Emergence of Niche Requirements Management and Development Tools

A proliferation of very specific tools that support RMD techniques will emerge, which will likely perpetuate their acquisition by larger, enterprise-type, business analysis requirements software vendors. Traditional RMD tools were massive and used enterprise-wise, whereas new applications can be a fraction of the price and more nimbly implemented.

Blended Teams Will Take Prominence Over Individual PM and RMD Contributions

Greater collaboration between RMD experts and project managers will demonstrate the effectiveness of blended teams in ensuring enterprise-level success. Like professional athletic teams, collaborative groups of project managers, BAs and program managers will recognize the value of collective contributions to ensure that projects meet organizational needs and deliver promised ROI. 

RMD Experts will be Critical Members of Cloud Computing Project Teams

While service-oriented architecture (SOA) is still prevalent, RMD experts will be prized members of project teams as we see the rise of cloud computing in the next five years. The unique role of RMD in identifying how the business will be affected by cloud computing will ensure its prominent role in helping develop the architecture.

RMD’s Increased Role as Organizations Embrace Adoption of Agile Software Development

Economic impacts that are forcing organizations to further streamline and contain costs will facilitate the adoption of the less cumbersome, more nimble Agile approach for software and solution development, and with it, the role of RMD. RMD professionals’ ability to demonstrate value in early validation and pre-planning will drive this increasingly popular and valuable enterprise solution.

Greater Emphasis on Enterprise Analysis for Portfolio Level Decisions

The ability of enterprise analysis to enable higher degrees of certainty in fiscal decision-making will be at a premium. Well-defined RMD will be vital for quality output to drive effective portfolio practices.

RMD Leadership Gap Challenges From HR

Organizations are developing an acute awareness of, and placing greater emphasis on, RMD-specific career tracks, professional development and certification to close the leadership gap in BA. The challenges remain in educating human resources leaders in varied potential BA career paths, opportunities and learning needs.

“RMD has demonstrated its maturity and value to organizations under fire during the turbulence of the last year,” said Glenn Brûlé, Executive Director of Client Solutions, ESI International. “In 2010, the strategic insights and tactical importance of exacting requirements will be in greater demand as organizations increasingly come to recognize and rely on the fiscal benefits of RMD.”


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