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BP Logix Announces Process Director: Product Fuses Project Management Methodologies within Business Process Management
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Posted by: Ingrid on Monday, October 19, 2009

San Diego, CA – October 19, 2009 – BP Logix, a developer of BPM software for business users, today announced the release and general availability of BP Logix Process Director. Designed to integrate project planning and BPM, Process Director enables business users to define and model sophisticated business processes through a project management-like interface. More than just a new interface, the product was developed to specifically address activity-based processes, those processes that traditionally have been forced to fit into flowcharts. Process Director models these non-linear activities as a Gantt chart, recognizing their conditions, constraints and timelines, then makes use of predictive analysis to determine if a future activity is likely to be completed on time or be delayed.

“Process Director represents a shift in the computing paradigm away from silos of automation to process-aware information systems that adapt, respond and adjust to the business itself,” observed John Vilim, Chief Technology Officer, Waterton Associates. “With Process Director’s ability to model non-linear processes, we can greatly expand the range of activities our organization needs to automate,” he remarked.
By fusing Project Management methodologies with BPM, business users can model processes the way they view them: as lists of activities. As a result of understanding business dependencies, processes no longer need to be defined in rigid sequences or modeled in flow charts. “With Process Director, BP Logix is providing business and operations managers with an alternative to workflow-oriented BPM products. Those products ultimately constrain all business processes to being defined within flow charts. By contrast, Process Director enables organizations to view all activities that must occur within a process, while also recognizing that their order does not necessarily follow specific, rigid sequences,” stated Jay O’Brien, Chief Technology Officer for BP Logix.
Process Director:
  • Addresses “activity-based” processes (versus traditional flow or approval-based BPM)
  • Exists as a layer on top of BPM and workflow automation functions
  • Specifically designed to automate, track and report on complex, non-linear processes
  • Provides predictive analysis of processes to alert to future problems
  • Delivers timeline-based automation
  • Offers a distinctive approach to process management that incorporates project management methodologies
Process Director Features:
  • 100% web-based interface that enable users to create and model processes through a project management interface
  • Easy-to-define activities with assigned users, dependencies, conditions and timelines
  • Uses a Gantt chart to represent and administer running processes
  • Enables users to make changes to project plans and have those changes immediately take effect on running processes
  • Provides a rules-based evaluation of project activities
  • Defines Key Performance Indicators (KPI) that provide the thresholds and triggers associated with activities for reporting
  • Offers ‘due date’ management and escalation
  • Provides electronic signatures and audit trails
  • Can be customized by business users without programming
  • 21 CFR Part 11, HIPAA and SOX-compliant
  • Provides built-in integration with many third party and in-house applications and databases
The modular design of Process Director, like its counterpart BP Logix Workflow Director, lends itself to be easily deployed by enterprise organizations, as well as by departments and mid-sized businesses. Scalable and customizable, Process Director aggregates the status of multiple processes while also weighting individual activities within the overall project. When used in conjunction with BP Logix Workflow Director, users can now take advantage of the best of both BPM approaches as they define, model and act on their business processes.
According to Edward Skiko, CEO of BP Logix, “The release of Process Director heralds the first time that a BPM product has the ability to handle non-linear activities within business processes – in order to reflect the changing business conditions that occur within a project plan. With Process Director, business users benefit from a robust infrastructure that addresses their needs dependably and reliably and business managers can enhance their value to both internal and external customers.”
Introductory pricing for Process Director starts at $25K USD for a 20 user license.
About BP Logix
BP Logix ( develops and markets web-based BPM software that provides business users with the advanced capabilities they need to define, model, automate and track their business processes. Integrating with many on-demand applications and most databases, Workflow Director and Process Director incorporate workflow software, rules-based business logic and forms processing to provide greater visibility into those processes.
Satisfying the needs of Human Resources, IT, Marketing, Purchasing, Engineering, Accounting and Finance departments for customers ranging from Electronic Arts, Capgemini and IDEX to NORESCO and the National Institute of Mental Health, BP Logix software enables organizations to direct, drive, and automate their business processes. For more information, please visit or call 877-627-5871.
The BP Logix name and logo are the registered service and trademarks of BP Logix, Inc.
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