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Enterprise Agility announces the public launch of the Business Change EcoSystem Maturity Models
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Posted by: heidtd4300 on Saturday, September 12, 2009

CHICAGO  — September 12th, 2009 —In the 2nd quarter of 2009, Enterprise Agility announced the addition of the Business Architecture Maturity Model™ to web site. The Business Architecture Maturity™ (created in June of 2007) now takes it formal place alongside the Business Analysis Maturity Model™ on resource website.
The Business Analysis Maturity Model
The Business Analysis Maturity Model™, published by Enterprise Agility in June of 2006, was the first business analysis maturity model and a result of a series of steps in formalizing a strategic roadmap for increasing operational transparency.
As organizations progress to higher levels of business analysis maturity, they move from the traditional outcome-based requirements analysis approach to a transparent business solution that can be validated for correctness and completeness earlier in the business change lifecycle. Preserving this transparency has a long-term dramatic impact on organizations’ competitiveness while reducing IT costs related to rework and IT engineering labor.
The Business Architecture Maturity Model
The Business Architecture Maturity Model™ delivers a roadmap and a clear perspective necessary to measure an organization’s business architecture capabilities. Upward progression through the levels of the maturity model correlate directly to an organization’s ability to visualize, communicate and monitor how business objectives are being pursued within the organization.
“With the publication of the Business Architecture Maturity Model, we have made a significant step towards helping businesses formalize a strategic roadmap for increased business alignment.” said David Heidt, Managing Partner at Enterprise Agility. 
The Business Change EcoSystem
The Business Change Ecosystem™ is made up of two separate but aligned change initiatives: Business Architecture Maturity which focuses on aligning the strategic intent with its actual operations; and Business Analysis Maturity which focuses on guiding how the organization operationalizes its objectives.
Mr. Heidt also said “The combination of these two industry standards-based maturity models defines a cohesive Business Change EcoSystem™ that helps organizations manage people, organization knowledge and analysis tools for increased business agility. It’s exactly what organizations need in today’s rapidly changing markets where product innovation and speed to market are key.”
Both the business analysis and business architecture maturity models within the Business Change EcoSystem™ draw from over 3 decades of advances in product design, complex manufacturing and agile software development. The result is a technology-agnostic business engineering framework and a set of business change archetypes that free business stakeholders from their deep dependency on IT when managing business change and creating new products and services.
About Enterprise Agility
Founded in 1993, Enterprise Agility delivers advisory, training and leadership services to U.S. and global organizations. Clients partner with Enterprise Agility to adopt business engineering approaches to increase business agility while reducing operational costs. As an industry standard setter and a worldwide leader in the areas of business architecture, process, rules, requirements and legacy transformation, Enterprise Agility brings unmatched multi-disciplinary expertise to its clients.




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