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Requirements Development Guidebook

Requirements Development Guidebook
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Categories: Requirements
Author: Dahlia Biazid
Paperback: 154 pages

ISBN-13: 978-1530376742

“How do I know I covered all the requirements? Where do I begin? When should I stop? Did I miss something that will result in unpleasant surprises down the road?” If you are a Business Analyst, these questions will certainly mean something to you. You’ve probably asked yourself these questions at one point or another when you were assigned your early requirements development tasks. In this book, I introduce a requirements development roadmap that will guide you from start to finish. It is a plan carefully prepared and organized around consecutive stations. At each station, I tell you: 1. The target objective, and why you need to think about that particular objective at that specific point in time 2. Which elicitation techniques will best serve the objective, and which questions to ask in order to capture the information you need 3. Which analysis tools to apply in order to analyze the information from different angles 4. How to document the output of the exercise that you just performed


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