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Live Project: Modern Analyst Knowledge Appraiser

The Modern Analyst Knowledge Appraiser is an initiative which has two main purposes:

  • Add a new feature to to allow community members to test (appraise) their business analysis and systems analysis skills.
  • To showcase a project "live" as it develops  so that members of the community who are more junior or just getting started can witness a project unfold and get a sense of the types of issues, challenges, and rewards that a business analyst or systems analyst experiences during the life of a project.

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Project Diary: Knowledge Appraiser

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Lead BA: Here's the Purposed Requirements Work Plan

Product SDLC Work Plan (since we are BA's I am not documenting PM related stuff)

Inception Phase Deliverable

Iteration I1 (design and development are engaged at about 10-20%)

  • Business Case
  • Project Environment
  • Iteration Plan
    • Estimated Costs and Resource Utilization
    • Scope of Work
    • WBS
  • Critical Use Cases and Primary Scenarios Identified
  • Defined Architecture
  • Milestone Release Business Requirements Document First Baseline
    • Background/History
    • Scope and Objectives
    • Business Level Requirements
    • Stakeholder/User Analysis (stakeholders define all of their needs)
    • User Level Requirements (Use Case Identities)
    • Functional Level Requirements (Use Case Scenarios)
    • Non-functional Requirements
    • Assumptions/Constraints
    • Risks and Dependencies
    • Solution Options
    • Link to Change Requests
    • Link to Business Glossary
    • Link to Business Rules
    • Link to Specifications and Design
    • Link to Business Case/Vision
    • Link to Use Case Model
    • Link to Class Model
    • Link to State Machine
  • Milestone Release System Specifications Document First Baseline
    • BSA to Define Components

Elaboration Phase Deliverable

Iteration E1 (design and development is engaged at about 30-40%)

  • Iteration Plan
    • Estimated Costs and Resource Utilization
    • Scope of Work
    • WBS
  • Use Case Model Phase One The Actor Model
    • Complete User Analysis
    • Associate Business Activities to Users (matrix)
    • Define Actors (generalize if needed)
    • Associate Actors to Users (matrix)
  • Use Case Model Phase Two Defining the Diagrams
    • Create/Package UC List
    • Name Main/Alternate Flows
    • Associate Actors to UC
    • Begin Diagrams/Boundaries
    • Generalize Use Cases
    • Define Dependencies
    • Create UC Descriptions
    • Define Business Event
    • Define Pre-conditions
    • Define Post-conditions
    • Associate Business Objects
    • Associate Business Rules
    • Detailed Priority Analysis of Use cases to take us into Construction

E2 (design and development are now engaged 100%)

  • Iteration Plan
    • Estimated Costs and Resource Utilization
    • Scope of Work
    • WBS
  • use Case Model Phase Three Write Specifications in Priority Sequence (For each UC in Priority Order)
    • Write Main Scenario
    • Write Alternate Scenarios
    • Write Exception Scenarios
    • Create Activity Diagrams
    • Create State Diagrams
  • Entity Class Model (to be lead by BAS and BA)
    • Define all entity objects
    • Define all associations
    • Define all Attributes
    • Define all Methods
    • Decompose to Level 2
  • Milestone Design and Coding Begin at about this Point
  • Milestone Design Work Plan is Released
  • Milestone Construction Work Plan is Released
  • Milestone Testing Work Plan is Released
  • Milestone Test Planning can begin at about this Point
  • Milestone Release Business Requirements Document Finial Baseline
  • Milestone Release System Specifications Document Finial Baseline

Construction Phase


  • Iteration Plan
    • Estimated Costs and Resource Utilization
    • Scope of Work
    • WBS
  • Analysis continues, but design and coding are more active
  • Focus on design and implementation
  • Cumulative increase in functionality
  • Greater depth of implementation
  • Greater stability begins to appear
  • Implement all details, not only those of central architectural value
  • Milestone Release the Actual v1-beta of the module
  • Milestone Testing has become more active
  • Milestone Implementation and Release Work Plan is Released
  • Milestone a working Non-Certified System is Released

Transition Phase


  • Iteration Plan
    • Estimated Costs and Resource Utilization
    • Scope of Work
    • WBS
  • Testing is a full time activity with the live audience having a chance to participate if the software is stable
  • Transfer of the system to the user community
  • Installation, training, technical support
  • Control is moved to a maintenance team
  • Final Integration with existing systems
  • Milestone Alpha, Beta, and final releases
  • Milestone a working Certified System is Released
  • Milestone a working Production System is Released

posted @ Friday, February 8, 2008 by pmcleod

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Do you have any guidelines in relaion to this work plan? Or any further references/reading.


posted @ Friday, July 18, 2008 9:03 AM by sham_malik

Does all the SDLC follow this documentation process?..Since many believe in maintaining fewer documents and issue list for products...

posted @ Wednesday, March 4, 2009 5:28 AM by subac

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posted @ Monday, April 30, 2012 7:43 AM

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