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New Post 2/3/2015 6:48 AM
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Experienced BA What next 

As an experienced Business Analyst I have had opportunities focused on very specific roles within a very specific Banking domain. I have not had opprtunities to be a Data analyst or a Business Intelligence BA as my primary roles. I have had more of functional business analysis roles with trading systems.

As I look to progress, I see a PMP certification as a natural progression, however that does not motivate me much. I am interested in Big Data and wish to explore suitable skills I can acquire but I do not wish to deviate my core functional Business Analysis skill set. In other words I do not wish to become a Hadoop developer or a Data Scientist.

What are the appropriate avenues for a BA and what combination of skills one should seek to be considered as a business focussed Business Analyst with Big Data?

Are there any certifications available that existing Business Analysts can leverage to present appropriate Big Data skills?

New Post 2/6/2015 8:10 AM
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Re: Experienced BA What next 

"Are there any certifications available that existing Business Analysts can leverage to present appropriate Big Data skills?"

Google ... 

"hadoop certification"


"big data certification"

Pick something that is more generic instead of "Vendor-Specific" ... you don't want to be limited.

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