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Be Sure To Use Key Words In Your Resume To Get Noticed By Computers 

 I received an email for a contract with this message:

"You are receiving this email because your resume is in our company database and has been matched up on key words by the system as a potential match"

When composing your resume, be sure to use Key Words for the position you are applying to ... or their computer system (ATS - Applicant Tracking System) will Never find you among all the other resumes.

I Try To Get The System To Find Me: 

When I enter my stuff into an On-Line system to apply for a contract, I add a Key-Word summary at the bottom of my resume, it has many Key Words that will show up on a applicant query.



Agile, AS/400, Business Analysis, Business Requirements, Business Systems Analyst, Call Center, Client-Facing, Collaborate, Commercial Off-The-Shelf, Communications, Compliance, Computer Technician, Customer Service, Data Warehouse, Database Administration, Development, Elicitation, Extraction, Extreme Programming, Transformation and Loading, Facilitation, Functional Requirements, Functional Specifications, GAP analysis, Globally Distributed Teams, Help Desk, High Level Design, Impact Analysis, Instruction, Integration, iSeries, Joint Application Development, Leadership, Liaison, Mentor, Microsoft Office, MS-DOS, MS-Windows, Off-Shore, Problem-Solving, Process Improvement, Project Manager, PMP, Quality Assurance, Regulatory, Requirements Traceability Matrix, Root Cause Analysis, Scrum, Service Programs, Sign-Off, Six Sigma, Software Development Life Cycle, Software Engineer, Stored Procedures, Systems Analysis, Systems Design, Technical Requirements, Triggers, Training, Transaction Processing, Use Cases, User Acceptance Testing, Waterfall


This basically works for me ... a Consultant - Make yours up to fit your needs.

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  Modern Analyst Forums  Careers  Career Advice &...  Be Sure To Use Key Words In Your Resume To Get Noticed By Computers

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