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New Post 3/15/2012 10:16 AM
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 Hi all

I studied a dual degree with IT and business and i have worked in technical IT roles, I did a post grad diploma in Management on my way to MBA. After that i worked in a business focus role though not analyst. I really want to move to business analysis but i see most roles want experienced people. What can i study or what jobs can i look for that can get me closer. Also how do i structure my cv to be closer to that. 


New Post 3/20/2012 6:43 PM
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Re: Assistance 

Hi Mo,

First, I'd suggest doing a 'gap analysis' between the skills that you have, and the skills listed in the business analyst roles you've looked at (most job postings should have some description of the duties and the required or desired skills).  These gaps would then become the focus of training and/or jobs that leverage the skills you already have plus some opportunity to acquire some new ones.  You may want to search for 'System Analyst' or 'Business System Analyst' jobs to see if those might be of interest - this title is often used for a role that involves both technical and business skill-sets. 

Look for ways to expand your skills at your current job in the meantime - most organizations have more work than they have people, and there is often opportunity to gain new skills simply by asking to take on some additional responsibilities outside of your regular work (provided that you have the time, of course).  There are lots of online and classroom courses that you can consider.  A good place to start is on this site - under the Resources menu, there is a 'Training' page with lists of courses by topic. 

As far as structuring your cv, I would suggest looking at a number of business analyst job postings to see which skills crop up most often.  Look for the same or equivalent skills in your own work experience, and highlight these in your cv. 


New Post 3/21/2012 3:11 AM
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Re: Assistance 

Hi Mo,

Good advice from Sandy. I just want to add one thing. See if you can get a sideways shift in the company where you currently work. If you can get some experience at least, it'll make getting the next job easier. Perhaps you are already performing tasks that are BA tasks? You could change your CV to highlight these.

Another suggestion is to approach a BA at your current place and ask them to help you out i.e. a mentor. People are usually happy to help - I've just started doing it for a guy I work with.

One other suggestion, if you think you can pull it off, change your CV to call your current role a BA role...


New Post 5/8/2012 2:47 AM
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Re: Assistance 

 Hi Mo,

Basics would always be the fallback. There are jobs that matches what you have learned. Like, for instance, being a manager of a hardware store. I'm sure that it does not only refer to being an engineer but knowing the grounds of the management where it stands is your foundation for your next career in the future.There are also jobs that require minimal of your choice field and from that you can move a notch higher. All experiences count in order for you to finally land in that job that really requires of what you have gone through. Don't despise humble beginning as they say. You are nearly there. 

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