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New Post 6/15/2011 1:14 PM
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Over Qualified ??? 

There is a fairly large company up the road from me that was looking for a Temporary Business Analyst to do some requirements gathering for a month or so...they wern't asking for much:

Business Analyst I

Employee Type: Seasonal/Temporary
Industry: Healthcare - Health Services
Job Type: Information Technology

0 - 2 years experience in the field

So, for a temporary Gig to make a couple extra bucks, I applied....and a few days later, I talked to some man who went over my resume and then said I was "Over Qualified" for the position....that they were looking for someone more entry-level.

(1) So, why did he bother to call me if he already knew I was over qualified?

(2) For a 2-3 month Temporary position that is close to home, why would they take someone with 0-2 years experience and turn down someone experienced for the same amount of money? It can't be that someone would get bored and leave...because it is a Temporary position anyway.

(3) Maybe the manager was a newbie and wanted someone with even less experience.


Who Knows....Soooooo Funny.




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  Modern Analyst Forums  Careers  Career Advice &...  Over Qualified ???

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