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New Post 9/8/2008 3:10 PM
User is offline madalinaro
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Courses in The Netherlands 

Hello all!

I'm working as a Java Developer in The Netherlands and I want to make a move in my carrer to BA. I've seen you posted on your website a lot of links offering training in USA. But do you know if there are similar good institutions offering BA training in The Netherlands?


Thank you!

New Post 9/9/2008 12:08 AM
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Re: Courses in The Netherlands 

Your best option is to consider taking some of the on-line web-based courses offered by many companies.  Many of these training providers not only provide the courses but also may award you a certificate or an actual degree upon completion of a set number of courses.

Check out the Modern Analyst Training Directory for a list of courses.

You might consider taking some courses in the UK where many companies are offering certificates in business analysis.  ISEB is one of those.

- Adrian

Adrian Marchis
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New Post 9/9/2008 7:14 AM
User is offline Guy Beauchamp
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Re: Courses in The Netherlands 


Have you checked out You can learn analysis using your current project as the course case study and as it is online you can take the course anywhere in the world. You would be mentored by an experienced business analyst but you could proceed at your own pace to your schedule....

Just so you know - this is not an impartial recommendation: it is my company.


New Post 9/12/2008 10:45 PM
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Re: Courses in The Netherlands 

I think the course which is in great demand these days is Pharmacy. It is one of the good option to make a career in it. You can work as a pharmacist or as a pharma technician or even as owe your own business as in pharmaceuticals. I consider it to be a very good career option. But if you are looking for a BA course so you can go directly for the courses provided by the university.




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