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New Post 5/28/2008 1:38 PM
User is offline rina
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Reliability, usability,etc requirements 

Can someone please help me define reliability, usability, supportability, durability requirements for a hardware.

I am not sure what features are considered when talking about the above functionalities



New Post 5/29/2008 2:46 AM
Online now... Adrian M.
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Re: Reliability, usability,etc requirements 

Hi Rina,

The things you mention are categories of non-functional requirements.  For a hardware device here are some thoughts:

  • reliability requirements - deal with properties of the device which increase the probability that the hardware device will its intended functions under both normal usage pattern as well as stress scenarios (very high heat or very low heat, under water, heavy impact, etc.)
  • usability requirements - specify the details on how easy to use the hardware device must be; for example: how it's features are accessed (command prompt vs. graphical UI), how many actions are needed to perform a function (1 click vs. 5 clicks), variety of interfaces (keyboard vs. touch screen vs. audio recognition), etc.
  • supportability requirements - for a hardware gadget this probably refers to its serviceability; this refers to the ability of the user and or tech support to upgrade the device, add new features, fix problems, etc.  Well written and maintained technical specifications also go a long way towards supportability.
  • durability requirements - this is probably a subset of reliability and it talks about the hardware's ability to sustain extensive use and abuse such as: how many continuous hours should the device usable before it overheats, how high can you drop it without affecting its operation, etc.

Hope this helps!

- Adrian

Adrian Marchis
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  Modern Analyst Forums  Careers  Career Advice &...  Reliability, usability,etc requirements

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