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Hot Thread with new postsWhich Subject To Choose for Next Career Move
 by Vivek
No Rating
1/21/2014 8:52 PM
by Vivek
Hot Thread with new postsJob Ads Are Looking More And More For a Jack-Of-All-Trades (Page: 1, 2, 3)
 by NitWitNick
No Rating
1/17/2014 7:36 AM
by NitWitNick
Hot Thread with new postsWhat should include in proposal presentation for Business Process Management and Improvement project
 by M.O.M.T
No Rating
12/25/2013 11:43 PM
by M.O.M.T
Hot Thread with new postsJob transition to BA
 by Mamdee
No Rating
12/17/2013 1:49 AM
by Kimbo
Hot Thread with new postsBusiness Analyst Vs Business Consultant (Page: 1, 2)
 by wishes
No RatingResolved
12/3/2013 2:48 AM
by DavidLSchiavone
Hot Thread with new postsNeed career advise
 by gordonshapiro
No Rating
11/25/2013 8:49 AM
by gordonshapiro
Hot Thread with new postsCareer Advice: Not technical enough!
 by Gullivar
No Rating
11/15/2013 6:10 PM
by JamesXavier
Hot Thread with new postsSelf Employed, Contractor or Ltd Company - Questions about contracting
 by Delinquent
No Rating
11/10/2013 12:08 PM
by PatrickBaitsman
Hot Thread with new postsStaying business analyst or being a Data Analyst?
 by cyilmaz
No Rating
10/21/2013 4:13 PM
by NitWitNick
Hot Thread with new postsFraustrated from job, guidance required (Page: 1, 2)
 by kapil
No RatingUnresolved
9/23/2013 11:11 PM
by megha
Hot Thread with new postsCertification for Business Analyst (Page: 1, 2)
 by Nitin
No Rating
8/23/2013 8:05 AM
by Alan
Hot Thread with new postsBA Role
 by Zen
No Rating
8/20/2013 12:28 PM
by Alan
Hot Thread with new postsData mining or ETL/Reporting
 by abi
No RatingPoll
8/20/2013 7:59 AM
by abi
Hot Thread with new postsBA Freelancing Advice
 by Harrisonm
No Rating
8/8/2013 1:09 PM
by NitWitNick
Hot Thread with new postsSOA or BPM? (Page: 1, 2)
 by Dahlia Biazid
No Rating
7/15/2013 2:07 PM
by NitWitNick
Hot Thread with new postsCareer Transition Help Please
 by jonathane3
No Rating
7/9/2013 10:37 AM
by NitWitNick
Hot Thread with new postsLooking for job after 3 years break- Suggestions Please (Page: 1, 2)
 by prts1006
No Rating
6/25/2013 3:13 PM
by BA Trainer
Hot Thread with new postsWhat MSc to study to progress as a BA?
 by alfista1
No Rating
6/21/2013 2:44 PM
by Sandy
Hot Thread with new postsStarting a consultancy business
 by rhirst
No Rating
6/19/2013 11:30 AM
by NitWitNick
Hot Thread with new postsBusiness Analysis Career vs EA (Bus Architect) Career path (Page: 1, 2)
 by Tselane
No RatingResolved
6/11/2013 1:58 AM
by Tselane
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