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Hot Thread with new postsCareer Change
 by ctspyvet
No Rating
9/6/2009 3:26 AM
by Brant
Hot Thread with new postsWhat is IT BA and BA (Page: 1, 2)
 by Murli
No RatingResolved
8/2/2009 11:44 PM
by Murli
Hot Thread with new postsFlat broke. gained BA +PM experience. Needs training! How?
 by Michiel Erasmus
No Rating
7/29/2009 6:45 AM
by Michiel Erasmus
Hot Thread with new postsWhat do you think of eLearning to support professional development?
 by Alex P
No Rating
7/23/2009 10:58 PM
by sarah_9
Hot Thread with new postsBA Responsibilities but not on Paper
 by Joe
No Rating
7/20/2009 6:19 AM
by Craig Brown
Hot Thread with new postsBusiness Analyst Job Descriptions
 by hendrix24
No RatingResolved
7/13/2009 12:49 PM
by hendrix24
Hot Thread with new postsSwitching from Software developmet to Business Analyst
 by JP
No RatingUnresolved
7/9/2009 1:27 AM
by Michiel Erasmus
Hot Thread with new postsFormalizing and refining skills for a job search
 by Jenny Nunemacher
No RatingUnresolved
7/4/2009 9:28 AM
by Tom Miller, CSPO
Hot Thread with new postsDo you have a Business Analyst portfolio?
 by Adrian M.
No Rating
5/26/2009 9:57 AM
by fizz
Hot Thread with new poststravelling to United Arab Emirates/ Dubai
 by Craig Brown
No Rating
5/26/2009 9:12 AM
by fizz
Hot Thread with new postsFrom BA to Management roles
 by Mandeep
No Rating
4/27/2009 6:47 PM
by Mandeep
Hot Thread with new postsRegarding Business Analyst Training and Certificate (Page: 1, 2)
 by karteek
No Rating
4/17/2009 2:35 AM
by prachi
Hot Thread with new postsNew BA Role
 by MrCo
No Rating
4/9/2009 1:25 AM
by Adrian M.
Hot Thread with new postsCore developer to BA
 by pavas
No Rating
3/4/2009 1:04 AM
by Guy Beauchamp
Hot Thread with new postsISEB Course, which Provider to choose? (Page: 1, 2)
 by Rob Roome
No Rating
2/24/2009 1:34 AM
by MrCo
Hot Thread with new postsBA vs BPA
 by Tshego
No Rating
2/17/2009 10:10 AM
by Tony Markos
Hot Thread with new postsMSc in Business Analysis
 by mark235
No Rating
2/6/2009 2:54 PM
by BA Trainer
Hot Thread with new posts3 ways to be a better BA
 by Craig Brown
No Rating
1/30/2009 12:07 PM
by BA Trainer
Hot Thread with new posts3 techniques guaranteed to improve your effectiveness
 by Craig Brown
No Rating
1/30/2009 3:16 AM
by Craig Brown
Hot Thread with new postsAnother non-science aspiring individual
 by Gregory Lassale
No Rating
1/28/2009 9:34 AM
by Gregory Lassale
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