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New Post 12/19/2011 1:57 PM
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Backsourcing - I'm begining to see More Of It. 
Modified By NitWitNick  on 12/19/2011 4:58:27 PM)

Remember when all your jobs were being eliminated and sent Off-Shore to be a supposedly cheaper rate? I never understood how the project was cheaper...each place I contracted at always had to review the Out-Sourced deliverable, code review it, QA basically we had to double check everything that was delivered... and there were hidden costs like in-house backup support to the off-shore, where was the savings?


I saw this happening years ago after the company I worked for out-sourced our jobs to some cheap coders in another country. So, I moved up the ladder to some of the Un-Out-Sourced areas like Project oversee projects that are done In-House / Off-Shore and a hybrid of far I've been safe.

Now, It seems Things are Changing a Little Bit....

In the last couple years as companies run into Off-Shore horror stories and increases in Off-Shore costs due to programmer raises, monetary exchange rates and other stuff...some companies have begun to bring back the IT services that they had off-shored and do it in-house.

I hope this trend continues.

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  Modern Analyst Forums  Careers  Career Advice &...  Backsourcing - I'm begining to see More Of It.

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