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New Post 3/2/2009 10:41 PM
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Core developer to BA  

This is the same thread as some one posted on this forum but got no reply. I have around 6 yrs software development experience on .net technologies on publishing domain. I want to move ahead as BA. What will be the career path moving ahead. Can some one suggest? My interest lies more on business understanding, creating proposals, providing solutions for a project and interacting with clients. Is it a good idea, how can I grow further in this area.

If you think some other forum will help me kindly suggest.

New Post 3/4/2009 2:04 AM
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Re: Core developer to BA  


I'm sorry you got no reply to the other thread and have had to re-post the question.

It looks like you are asking 2 sets of questions: should I become a BA and how do I become a BA?

I would suggest that you do the analysis to answer the first question - I have written an article on how to analyse why you want to be a business analyst here. That article takes it to the next stage as well in analysing what you need to do to become one.

This leads on to your second set of questions...if you are already in a role where you are working on change projects I would suggest you do what I did: migrate to business analysis by stealth. You eductate yourself on Business Analysis (lots of ways of doing that so analyse your requirements for training first and then consider which methods/providers meet your requirements) and then volunteer to help out in BA activities in the change projects you are working on. I have also read in these forums of people who did voluntary BA work (never seen/experienced it myself so no idea how good it is). You demonstrate your worth and when you have sufficient reputation either request a formal transfer to the role within your current employer and/or update your cv to reflect your BA activities and apply for BA jobs.

Remember that there is no formal qualification for BAs - anyone can (and does!) call themselves one so don't be shy! Just tell people that you have done it when you have done it and announce you ARE a BA by virtue of the fact that you DO BA! And don't worry too much about BA accreditation - it may help get an interview (may, sometimes) but what employers are ALWAYS looking for is experience of doing BA work in the industry they wish to employ you in and evidence of a good education (degree etc). Personally I think accreditation is nice earner for those who run it and not much more...remember THEY have no qualification to be able to accredit BAs either: they just made up a business out of doing it!

Hope some of the above helps and I wish you every success - by the way: if you would like me to review your CV and suggest how to tweak it for applying for BA roles then please send it me via this link.


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