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New Post 12/6/2010 11:07 AM
User is offline Dirk D
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Reluctant to change 


I'm hired by a company that told me the business is reluctant to change, and that I would have a hard time to propose changes in the organization.

I'm working now already 2 months, and I figured out that not the business users are reluctant to change, but the other business analysts mindset is wrong! Their attitude is 'the business is happy with the way they work', but by doing some business improvement, we have already decommissioned one application completely to great satisfactory of all business users! It is a schoolbook example on how business analysts should not work and forget an important step: improvements.

I'm looking for a way to bring in the new spririt to find better ways of doing the business analysis with the team. Does anyone has success stories how they have accomplished a mindset change, and how this is done? Should I write a blog on the sharepoint? Do a presentation? Does anyone has some material?



New Post 4/10/2011 9:13 AM
User is offline Goldie
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Re: Reluctant to change 

The irony of this is that when you're new, you want to change things. But when you've implemented change then there is a tailoff; for a start you need time to embed and wait for results. Alot of analysts want change for the sake of change itself, but it should only be done in the context of the bigger picture and results in terms of benchmarks and KPIs etc. A good way to look at change is through the lens of innovation management - the 5Ps cover alot of ground. In terms of material, I would start somewhere like where all the models / examples are explained quite well.

New Post 4/28/2011 11:35 PM
User is offline Craig Brown
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Re: Reluctant to change 

 Locusta you are in the business of chnage management! Well done and good luck.

When you say you want to bring in a sprit of chnage you need to understand why people buy in and resist change.  As the new guy bide your time a liittle and ensure you have support from a senior person before you chnage too much.

You should read some work by John Kotter.  He has written several books on managing change.  Very ueful and insightful.

It sounds like a great situation before you.  When you have the right support mechanisms in place (incuding some form of authority) consider things like lunchbox sessions, retrospectives, TQM or Kanban style continous improvements.  There is a world of info out there.


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