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New Post 7/6/2010 4:44 AM
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RE: Objective Setting **Urgent Help Required** 


I have been placed in a lead BA role to assist to improve the performance of the BA team. I need to set them SMART objectives and need some assistance from the BA community. I have a team of 5 but the Business including the HR department have been historically poor at setting objectives and assistance to Managers.

I would like to reach out to the wider community in some guidance and examples on How can I set team objectives to measure their performance. I wouldlike to take the simple approach & focus on the main activity of capturing of requirements.

Key activities:

1. Validation of Scope of the change

2. Validation of Resource allocation (estimate)

3. Capturing requirements method i.e. workshop - I intend to get feedback and score it from stakeholders

4. Peer review on document - measure the number of changes due to incorrect, and missing requirements

5. document approval - sign off

6. Number of Change request recieved due to missing and incorrect information in Business Req Doc

Also, consideration to ensure that adminstrative tasks are completed such as timesheets, document folders are up to date, traceability matrix etc.

I just need some help on advice, resources, articles. Absolutely anything that may be able to help me!!!!!






New Post 7/6/2010 9:19 AM
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Re: RE: Objective Setting **Urgent Help Required** 

Here is what we use for looking at the performance of BA's. Whenever we introduce a new measure we dont worry about the level, instead we focus on measuring. Once we are able to get into a pattern of measurement then we can start to manage to the measure. It is really tricky putting bonuses on the measures.


We have a lot of posts on the topic of BA as a job. Some are about interviewing, managing etc


At seilevel we work with clients as product managers/business analysts so all of our employees are BA's. Ultimately what we looking for is end user satisfaction, end user adoption and success of the projects. The last one is the hardest and I would suggest only tracking measurement of project success not actually managing for success. I know it sounds silly, but getting people in the habit of measuring project success is extremely difficult.


The danger in things like #4, is that if they are going to get yelled at for making changes they will start to resist changes. Ultimately what you are looking for from your BA's is did they develop the right product. You might want interim measures of the requirements - I would tend to get those from the customers - such as subject matter experts, testers and developers.

The other things are busy work that may or may not get you to project success. We do review documentation to ensure adherence to some standards - that takes a lot of work.

Drop me an email and I can put you in touch with our person who does the reviews.

New Post 7/6/2010 1:40 PM
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Re: RE: Objective Setting **Urgent Help Required** 

Please read your posting and ask yourself if you are clear about what you are asking.  


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  Modern Analyst Forums  Business and Sy...  Managing & Lead...  RE: Objective Setting **Urgent Help Required**

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