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New Post 9/5/2011 9:23 PM
User is offline linardridge
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Documenting Current Business Process 

 Hello friends,

I recently joined a healthcare company, and I have been asked to come up with a technical document for their current process. I am new in this area and would like to know what are the approaches i should be considering, what type of document am i supposed to come up with, how to i go about creating the contents, and what are other facts that i should take into consideration. I would really appreciate you words of advice. Thank you.


New Post 9/10/2011 8:26 AM
User is offline Tony Markos
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Re: Documenting Current Business Process 


If you are thinking TECHNICAL document, for larger scale efforts you will fail, especially at integration.  This is true whether or not your processes are automated, manual, or combo thereoff.    Figure out what essentially is happening from a business perspective.  Focus on the interrelationships between processes (essential data flows).   When you understand such, drilling down into implementation details is realtively easy. 



New Post 9/11/2011 11:38 AM
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Re: Documenting Current Business Process 

Hello Lin,

It is difficult to answer your question in a few sentences - please feel free to make contact and I will attempt to help you. We have done a considerable amount of related work in the Health care Industry.

Regards Nigel

New Post 9/13/2011 10:38 AM
User is offline owan iswadhy
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Re: Documenting Current Business Process 


This is my first post. I have experience in Hospital information system projects which is including register, service, billing & finance, medical record sub systems. I usually used swimlane flowchart to describe business processess, documents, actors/decision makers relationship. The most important tool is use case to describe the specification of the processess in line with ERD and GUI.

New Post 9/14/2011 6:19 PM
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Re: Documenting Current Business Process 


Tony Markos is spot on - focus on the essential requirements (what do I really need) before focusing on the technology aspects. Theres much to be said for the old DFD approach.

warm regards,


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