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New Post 2/3/2013 12:13 PM
User is offline Tan Huynh
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Re: Workflow management systems  

 Hi Masaiculin,

While the seasonal posters up on this forum will encourage you to research more about *your* requirements before deciding on whether you want to have an inhouse system, an external development effort or just simply an commercial-off-the-shelf product (like you mentioned before). 

In a direct answer to your question, there are many vendors who are offering BPM solution set like that under different names (Business Process Management, Business Process Engineering Language, Enterprise Service Bus Process Suite ...etc - you can go crazy with names !). But basically, it will have to depend on your requirements and the nature of your industry. The nature of the requirements (workflow with content management centric, business intelligent centric, workflow centric, erp centric ...etc) and the industry (education, retail, transactional ...etc) could greatly affect your technology of choice. 

Apparently from the requirement above (it's a hasty conclusion i know), you seem to interest in electronic content management workflow management process. You can check out Oracle Fusion Middleware Suite, IBM Websphere Suite, Tibco, ASG Software, i know SAS has some similar offering with a more analytical touch. 

Basically, start first with IBM and Oracle, see how that goes. 

New Post 6/4/2013 10:38 AM
User is offline Jayman21
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Re: Workflow management systems  

 It appears you have decide to work on the project backwards. Though it is a great practise to start your initiative with the end in mind, you must first conduct a feasibility study. This will help you clearly identify:

1. The stakeholders (this includes everyone that can affect or be affected by the new system)

2. The current business process within the scope of work

3. the systems currently being used and all other systems which relates or interelated to the current system in use

4. Analysis your findings. You will begin to identify flaws

5. Capture from senior management the first 10 objectives / reasons why the organisation wishes to implement a new system.

6. with the top ten objectives in mind, conduct your requirement gathering. this enable you understand what the end users needs from the new system (remember, you are building a system to enable the end user not only conveniently work but better serve the customers / students)

7. Analysis all the requirements then go into the market and find the new systems which best suits the needs.


I hope this helps.

New Post 11/3/2014 5:30 PM
User is offline Karma
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Re: Workflow management systems  

Look at Blackline or AWD or Hyperian 

New Post 7/24/2015 9:13 PM
User is offline Henry Rowlett
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Re: Workflow management systems  

Workflow management systems , the management of business processes with information technology.

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