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New Post 3/21/2019 4:34 AM
User is offline MadiMo
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Confusing Processes Starting Point 


I have two processes with confusing scenarios.

In the first scenario, the process needs to start with a Decision Point, how would you represent this in the Flowchart?

In another scenario, I have a process where the starting point has two options, either the process could start from Stakeholder 1 or Stakeholder 2, but the next step is the same. In this scenario would you do two starting points?

Many thanks for the kind advice.



New Post 3/21/2019 2:46 PM
User is offline Chris Adams
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Re: Confusing Processes Starting Point 

Here is a short article that helps with some of the process modeling questions you have.  Technically the answer may depend on the precise standard you are trying to follow (BPMN, UML, etc). But practically it really doesn't matter.

A few things of note:

  1. BPMN processes can have multiple unique start points.
  2. Two starts that have the same "trigger" are actually the same start.  The trigger is always satisfied by some set of preconditions.  So, think about what those preconditions should be.
  3. If you find yourself starting a process with a decision then you probably have some task or activity before that decision. Or, the decision is two starts with two separate triggers that go into two flows.

I think with this information you should be able to figure out the answers you need for your specific cases.

Chris Adams
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New Post 3/26/2019 4:46 AM
User is offline MadiMo
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Re: Confusing Processes Starting Point 

Thank you very much for the useful answer.

For the comment about two starts and two triggers, my scenario is that I actually have one start but with two triggers, this means the starting point can either happen if x or y happened, how could this be mapped?

I appreciate your kind advice.


New Post 11/24/2019 3:37 PM
User is offline Leslie Munday
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Re: Confusing Processes Starting Point 
I might show a transition from a start state to a decision box, labeled (generic triggering event happens). The decision box decides which of the 2 events happened.

As for 2 stakeholders; you could consider combining them into a single stakeholder. A stakeholder is a role, like project manager of program manger. 2 roles could be combined into generic role, like IT manger. This saves duplicating functionality that is performed by both roles.

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