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New Post 4/7/2021 10:24 AM
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Anyone here taking ECBA or took ECBA? Any tips? 

Hi All!

I just want to gather information from you guys and love hear your thoughts about this.

I have enrolled for  21 PD hours, however, it seems like I can't find any community there and no support from the class group I guess they have their own world (that's okay), but maybe that is one factor that I am losing interest of studying but I want to obtain and pass the certification. I have no prior experience tho I took Business Course few years back but everything is new to me and trying to comprehend the BAbok and it's so frustrating sometimes and I can't share my experiences and ideas to anyone. I am doubting myself if I can pass ECBA and at the same time I am also taking basic coding bootcamp that for me and I find it well structured course. 

For those people who are new to Business Analysis planning to take ECBA or taken ECBA and passed, is there any tips that you can give?  I think I really need to keep pushing myself to study.

Would love to hear from you guys!smiley

New Post 6/18/2021 12:57 PM
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Re: Anyone here taking ECBA or took ECBA? Any tips? 

There are lot of communities on LinkedIn to help prepare for the ECBA exams. There are paid workshops (e.g. Adaptive US) as well who provide training on exam questions. You will find various You Tube videos as well on these. 

The best way is to find a buddy to study with and keep each other motivated to prepare for the exam and push each other. Define a timeline on when you want to appear for the exam and see how many months of preparaion or hours of study each week is required to ace the test. 

Good luck!

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  Modern Analyst Forums  Business and Sy...  CBAP - Certifie...  Anyone here taking ECBA or took ECBA? Any tips?

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