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New Post 9/15/2018 5:58 AM
User is offline Prasad 01
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How to mention minute UI requirements in user story? 

My question is about mentioning minute user requirements in user story and complex logic behind particular requirement in user story.

We are developing an application for abstractors who will abstract property related information. Please check below image.

Requirements are :

1. Abstractors should view two sites in 2 different layouts or sections as shown below 

(a) Primary sites : Those sites which have maximum information related to property records.

(b) Secondary sites : Those sites which have information related to property records but not as much as that with primary sites.

2. Master Card/Visa card icon should be shown beside site name which accepts master card/VISA.

3. Message icon and link icon should be shown beside site names. Click on message icon will enable administrator to send message to administrator.  Click on link icon will open respective website in new window.

4. Each site should be denoted by Alphabets starting from A sequentially. (Example: A, B, C , D etc)

5. Research grid should list all property related content types under the heading "Research Grid" in bold. 

6. Each content type is divided into index(actual content) and images. Index icon (binocular) and images icon should be shown in front of heading research grid.

Now, if I need to write all above requirements in the form of user story, how should I ? Can you please give examples


New Post 9/17/2018 7:14 AM
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Re: How to mention minute UI requirements in user story? 

I found one very good article answering the above post :

After going through above post, I got to know there is no space for UI in user story. If you need to create UI like this  you need to sit with UX developer and get the interactive prototypes developed. Nowhere you will mention in your user story document or any other document that after clicking on LINK icon , website corresponding to the LINK icon should get opened. For this, your team should be cross functional. Your team should have UI UX guys.

Please correct me.



New Post 9/28/2018 1:05 PM
User is offline Lisa Combest
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Re: How to mention minute UI requirements in user story? 

I would not necessarily address the minutiae in the user story.  Your acceptance criteria, on the other hand, can contain the itemized items.  I also encourage you to use prototyping.  Draw a picture as you work with your customer.  Using whiteboard, paper and pencil, or a piece of software, like Balsamiq, work with the customer to draw things out.  Let them drive for a while.  As they draw, they may begin to understand the complexities of including everything they're asking for.  If you have UI/UX teams, bring them in on your session.  They are experts at visualization and helping get a message onto a screen and out of the user's head.  Ultimately, a picture is worth a thousand (or more) words.

New Post 5/31/2019 6:34 AM
User is offline Stewart F
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Re: How to mention minute UI requirements in user story? 


Absolutely agree with Lisa. If you are building any new screen or function which involves an element of UI always draw a mock up. There are loads of ways you can do this - as Lisa says, from a simple hand drawn picture to a properly created diagram via software. Push comes to shove use something as simple as Excel if you don't have the right software.

As Lisa points out, it is much easier for a developer to understand what you want via a picture as they can see where everything goes. If you need to, right notes by the side of the mock-up saying what each icons function is. The point being, it is so much easier than trying to explain in words. 

If your company doesn't have a UI/UX person, try to come up with the design yourself. There are lots of articles on the internet about it. Test you r design with a colleague. If they understand what everything is and does without the need for you to tell them, then the UI/UX design is good. A good design should not need notes to help you how to do something.

One other point I would make. When writing a User Story and you write out your initial "As a …., I want to...." part, don't be afraid to add notes below - such as "The screen background should be blue to match our corporate colours" etc etc.

All notes for Devs are worthwhile. Its what you DONT tell them that will kill you ! 

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