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New Post 3/16/2018 1:49 AM
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How are DevOps and Agile different? 
Modified By Chris Adams  on 3/16/2018 12:32:36 PM)

Everyone has a major doubt that what is the difference between DevOps and Agile? Here you can get full clarity about both the process in the software development lifecycle. Agile and DevOps are the trending words in many of the Organizations in the current IT world. Only one of the business practice has most probably originated in the software development which is implemented for Organizational enhancement. Both Agile and DevOps are different but they are not enemies. 

Using either Agile or else DevOps is one of the best approaches to see the major changes between terms, department or else in the entire organization. By knowing completely about Agile and DevOps lifecycle, you can understand that how much both software lifecycle developments are constantly changing and realizing in the Organizational needs. 

Let us see about Agile Approach

The software developers have completely known about the drawbacks of heavyweight processes like the waterfall approaches. Most of them have been looking for the unique approaches which made software more agile and easier. Software Developers wanted to deliver incredible opportunities for the end users feedback to check whether it is a right path to move forward or not. In the year 1990s, there are many of the lightweight theories and certain principles in the software development that may also include kanban and scrum methods. 

Agile word has arrived from the word Agile Software Development that values the following:

People: Customers, teammates and high effective interaction between people in place of various tools and processes. 

Immediacy: Working software in place of comprehensive documentation 

Flexibility: To have a great change for Organizational development in place of having a predermined plan. 

Agile has deleted the idea of a finished product that is the main goal of the waterfall approach. Agile mainly believes in the software development will surely be incremental and iterative. Whenever the new release of the software is there, the client can perform new functions or else helps improvement upon the existing systems. Agile Methodologies has come up with the main aim to take off the software development into various phases which are simply called as “user stories”. The main advantages of the Agile process help the customers to find out to provide feedback loops and ensure product development as per the market needs. Agile plays a crucial role to have adaptive planning, evolving development, continuous improvement and early and continuous delivery that helps to flexible and rapid manner to have a major change. 

Now, let us see the trending word that is DevOps

The Separate World Of DevOps

The agile was the best response to the waterfall methodologies, In the same way DevOps was not a response to Agile methods. The two things that are seen are not the same thing in fact, there is a lot of difference between Agile and DevOps. Most of the Organizations have been started to view the similarities and increased the success and productivity in short period of time. In the 21st century, It has become an essential point in the business where two imperative areas have emerged those are IT Operations (ITOps) and Development Operations (DevOps). 

The main responsibilities of IOTps are that compliance, security and reliability and the DevOps has mainly come up with certain responsibilities like developing and deploying the new product to the end-user. DevOps goes between flexibility and testing and communications which helps in deploying the new software. 

Emerging Trends of Agile and DevOps

Most of the candidates are building their mind set about agile and scrum where Agile means scrum and the world DevOps means continuous delivery. By the following below differences, you can easily get fully-fledged knowledge among the DevOps and agile . 

Unplanned Work planning

Among the circle of DevOps technology, those investing in the Agile methods acknowledge that Scrum is utilised to follow the drafted works in an effective and reliable manner. Most of the jobs such as performing system upgrades and also  releasing updated system and so on will be done in a full-fledged manner. In the other perspective view, the various operations such as system expiry, standard security and performance spikes that can be with unplanned. So, these are some of the reasons where most of the Organizations are investing on DevOps technology which can keep a track on both works. 

Speed Vs Risk 

The development process team who are using Agile methods that is accompanied by or without accompanied DevOps to have great rapid changes, application of sound structure along with solid foundation. Most of the applications are with an underlying framework which is constantly delivered in the group of team. Within the context of DevOps Technology, the team must surely make note that if there are any changes in the development process then the effect  will be in the entire process when the architecture introduced to any risk. So, everyone in the team must have a good command of all the change that is made in the development process. Only with the kind of task, there won't be any risk one can delivery process in a rapid manner. 

Quality and Agile 

With the help of both DevOps and Agile methods, one can easily develop a trending application in a fast manner and maintain the structure of sound and with risk-free environment. But both DevOps and agile methods, these two of them do not have  concentration on the product quality. Many of the Companies in the IT Industry depend on the principle fail-fast that is simply said as the “Early Failures Cost Less to Fix”. By taking help of them, only the deployments which are maintained but not the quality one. Agile development cycle produces the applications that best suits the best requirement and also to adapt quick response for the changes that are going to be made in the life cycle of the project. DevOps Technology with faster removal of the bug and automation process, it ensures to deliver the better quality process. Most of the Software Developers follow the architectural and coding practice models to embed quality which is higher among the various application process. 

Both the Agile and DevOps Development process will help to reach next advanced level in an effective manner in the Organizations itself. They play a major role to improve the quality and faster delivery of project life cycle. 

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Re: How are DevOps and Agile different? 
If you have that DevOps experience, then To Me, You are ahead of a person who has only done PM/BA work with No Technical Background ----- Also TO Me ... After 30+ years in development (Starting with 80 Column Cards) ... DevOps name came from cross-functional mode of working to cover everything from Concept to Implementation and Support. That will fit me into any Waterfall, Agile, etc that is preferred to be used at a company on a project ... I don't force anything on any experienced team and have to train them on some method during a New Project ... I have the team and let them decide what Project Consulting experience they have and what method they feel best at without risks ... I will follow that ... Your DevOps experience will let you sat out of problems by communicating with the Technical Teams, making sure they can implement your project with no problems. ---- Have Fun.
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Re: How are DevOps and Agile different? 

Agile is an iterative approach that focuses on collaboration, customer feedback, and small rapid releases whereas DevOps is a practice of bringing development and operations teams together. DevOps focuses on constant testing and delivery while the Agile process focuses on constant changes.

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