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Document Management - Indexing Search Tool 


My area is responsible for imaging mortgage related documents to a central repository. Each document is indexed to a unique doc type for future accessibility (e.g. processing, servicing, etc). My team maintains the standards for the referenced doc types. We support operations by updating/editing doc type descriptions, tips, AKA's, sample images, etc. These classification standards are housed within our access database which is interconnected with other related databases (privacy, quality, doc type search tool, etc).

Currently, we are in the process of reevaluating our administration tool. Has anyone went through a similar process within their company? If so, what kind of technology transition did you see and how well did it work? We are also reevaluating our doc type search tool. Our doc type search tool gives processors the ability to search various descriptions, AKA's, tips, etc. An image library is also connected to each unique doc type, which allows processors to view various sample images. These tools and functionality have all been created as a means to increase indexing quality. However, we are searching for something more powerful and user friendly.

We would like to make sample images more accessible. Currently, you have to search by keyword(s), which pulls up associated doc types, then you have to double-click on the doc type you wish to view, which finally opens the connected image library folder. I have pondered the idea of making each sample image OCR eligible, which would give processors the ability to search portions of sentences and pull up matching example images. However, there is no way to collect the endless amount of mortgage related documents found within the industry today. Also, many images get scanned in are not of the best quality, which hinders the effectiveness of applying OCR. Basically, I'm wondering if anyone has experience with these types of issues and what type of software/online services did you use in order to solve the underlying problems? Can this type of doc type metadata be housed in an environment that is powerful enough to be interconnected with other systems and have advanced functionality built within it?

Any feedback would be very much appreciated.


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  Modern Analyst Forums  Business and Sy...  Usability and U...  Document Management - Indexing Search Tool

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