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New Post 3/11/2008 2:45 AM
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How to become a BA? 

Hi All,

Im very much interested in taking BA as career. Im currently working as a Technical Writer in the IT field and my total work experience is about 3 yrs. Im quite familiar to all the aspects of SDLC. I have prepared Technical docs like User Manuals, Installation guides, API manuals, Online helps, Proposals, Newsletters. I was also involved in demos of product to the client and working upon their queries/feedbacks. I have experience of interacting with SME's. Also, I impart trainings and hands on of the product to the trainees. Im also involved in writing test cases and manual testing. I also help in supervising the process compliance/ quality of the team. 

Since I donot have a typical BA work experience Im unsure if with these skills mentioned above I can break into this career choice. Since I have an Engineering degree in Computer Science I believe I will be able to round up myself for BA career but still unsure of where to start from. Shall I opt for any certification (but that too requires for some wrk exp in this field) or any other way through which I can enter this field. Im ready to learn and start from Junior position but pls guide me what steps (courses/certification or any) other way thru which I can land up in this profile.  

I invite you all for your valuable suggestions.

- Garima

New Post 5/8/2008 1:01 PM
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Re: How to become a BA? 

Hi Garima,

This is the problem for people trying to break in to Business Analysis: the number 1 criteria employers look for is relevant experience but how can you get that without getting a first job?

In my experience Junior BAs usually aren't born - they mutate! The scenario I am thinking of is how I came to be a BA and one I have seen in my capacity as trainer many times: people from IT or the Business get a reputation for problem solving and get dumped in to the role when circumstances in their company change. Sometimes they jump in to the role but most often they seem to be dumped.

The question is - how did they get a reputation for problem solving? Answer: they were working alongside or even in change projects in some capacity and as a problem arose, the analysed it, solved it and got the reputation. So there may be a strategy for you here: instead of lookign for junior BA roles look for roles that involve working alongside projects (e.g. project management office) - in the UK there are always loads of temp agencies trying to fill these positions. Once in a project, make sure you have researched the role of a BA and know the outline of the theory at the very least. Then do your job, watch and wait for your opportunity and start volunteering to help BAs, sort out requirements issues and so on. Get a few months of that under your belt and then you can update your CV to reflect that you have actually been doing analysis, and you might even be able to transfer in the organisation you have been gaining experience in.

You can then start applying for BA roles with the justification of having done the job even though you haven't been called a BA.

Oh - the other things are get testimonials (preferably from Project Managers and BAs) and keep copies of the analytical work you do: suitable anonymised, nothing impresses interviewers like examples of your own analysis and testimonials if you can get get them (I haven't been refused one yet!).

I hope this is useful!

- Guy

New Post 6/12/2008 2:26 PM
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Re: How to become a BA? 


I am intrested in the role of a BA , i am currently working in a BPO as a Data and Quality analyst. i wanted to get into the world of BA. I joined Indian Instute of Management of Calcuta for a Exe programing on Business Analytics. I am not sure if this course will help me in getting a job as a BA. Please advise. I have done my Bachulars in Computers but no work experiance in IT.

I have done some Six sigma projects in my current role which has given me exposer to the project management skills. Please advise how to go about this and find my dream job....



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