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New Post 4/1/2014 4:59 AM
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Technical Pre-Sales working alongside a BA 

 Hi All,

Apoloigies to start my tenure here with a question but I need some advice.


I am a relativley junior BA working for a small company. My company is looking to hire a Technical Pre-Sales to work along side the Sales guys early on in the sale. I'm rather concerned as some of the responsibilities being mentioned include exliciting and documenting requirements as well as stakeholder analysis. I see the Pre-Sales role as more assiting with technical queries that may crop up in early meetings. I am concerned that this could water down my role considerably.

That said, I have been given a chance to feed into the hiring process and have been asked for a list of roles and responsibilities that the Pre-Sales guy would be involved in. The main role, as I see it, is to assist the sales team and me with early meetings where a SME would be required.


Do you have any experience with this in your organisation? Any thoughts on how I should approach this?

New Post 4/23/2014 11:16 AM
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Re: Technical Pre-Sales working alongside a BA 

Obviously if the company thinks they want a technical pre-sales person they feel there is some need not being met.

What is that need?  Can it be filled by you as a BA?  If so, then why wouldn't you fill the role?  Do you have too many other responsibilities?  Are they really looking to hire more people like you?  Much of this depends on your role as a BA within the organization?

I'm not sure why a pre-sales person would document requirements.  Perhaps you can explain the end-to-end sales process a bit more.

Chris Adams
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  Modern Analyst Forums  Business and Sy...  General  Technical Pre-Sales working alongside a BA

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