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New Post 12/6/2013 2:15 AM
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Interview tips 
Modified By Chris Adams  on 12/6/2013 1:04:35 PM)

 I found some basic tips for an Interview as it will be my first since finishing Uni, but I need some specific advice for getting a job in the industry. What are little techniques etc that work well for interviews in business. I was thinking of proposing to do a presentation regardless of whether the interview required me too!

New Post 12/9/2013 5:17 AM
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Re: Interview tips 

 alexcrane wrote

I was thinking of proposing to do a presentation regardless of whether the interview required me too!

Hi Alex,

Creating a presentation or other artifact (such as a diagram, etc.) which not only showcases your business analysis skills but also uses business analysis techniques - might be a great idea.  It would be something to leave with the interviewers besides a standard resume - you'll be remembered for sure.  Don't forget to bring hard copies.

The best way to be prepared for an interview is to know your stuff.  Here are some ideas of the types of knowledge you might need: Business Analyst Interview Questions.


Adrian Marchis
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New Post 1/27/2014 12:21 PM
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Re: Interview tips 

This is a nice quote by alexcrane .This quote is neccesrary for all becuase every one wants to know that how to give interview or how to prepare for interviews.Firstly you should be well dress up for interview,wear only formal dress for interview and then always give your interview with full confidence .Only talk about your good things in interview and must bring hard copies of your all certificates.

New Post 2/28/2014 9:47 AM
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Re: Interview tips 
Modified By Chris Adams  on 2/28/2014 2:40:51 PM)

Hi Alex, we are an IT staffing company from Florida. Here is an advice from one of our leading Recruiters

1.You need to prepare examples from your past, successfully completed projects where you worked as a BA (work samples, tools, and techniques that you used will be very useful).

2. Also you should be able to tell about your knowledge of BA standards like UML and BABoK.

3. Industry experience might be very important for a BA.

Please visit our website if you are interested in any BA positions we offer.


New Post 5/7/2014 5:15 AM
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Many candidates ask us how to prepare for their job interview. Below are some basiRe: Interview tips 

Many candidates ask us how to prepare for their job interview.
Below are some basic tips that might be helpful to review:

1) Research the company. Look at the company website.
Prepare interesting questions.

2) Dress for success. Although, many companies are business casual these days, it’s still important to dress appropriately for an interview. For men, that means wearing a dark suit and a tie. For women, that means wearing a nice business dress or a business suit with a skirt.

3) If you have not interviewed in a while, buy a book on
interviewing. Go over sample questions and think about your
answers. You don’t want to sound overly rehearsed, but you
don’t want to be rusty either.  

4) Make sure you know where the interview is. Practice driving to the facility, if necessary, so you know how much time it will take to get there. Arrive early. If you are late, make sure to apologize to the hiring manager, and explain why. It's almost guaranteed that you won't get a job offer if you arrive late, so do everything possible to be on time.

5) Make sure you make eye contact in the interview. Shake the interviewer’s hand. Sit up straight, and look interested during the discussion. Don’t fiddle or fidget. Do not use slang during the interview. Be professional, serious and polite.

6) It should go without saying that you should not bring friends or parents, and that iPods should be put safely away.
Cell phones should be put on silent.

7) Answer the interviewer’s questions with demonstrated accomplishments. Many employers train their managers in behavior based interviewing techniques. That means they want specifics on demonstrated accomplishments. Therefore, don’t answer questions with just a yes or no answer. Don’t dodge the question. However, don’t ramble on and on as well. For sales people, be prepared to discuss your quota and your attainment against your quotas. Speak in a clear voice.

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