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New Post 11/25/2009 12:37 AM
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BA scenario in India 

Hi All,

      Couple of years while working as a BA, I got to know that the role of BA in the country like India is not clear in its intent. When we say "Business Analyst" that means  someone having expertise to see through businesses nuts and bolts, a very good understanding of domains as well as very keen understanding of technology in perspective of system users & implementers so that he can map the business processes to technology. Apart from these an individual should be well versed in modeling technique like UML, BPML or Use Case etc. This is the person who is actually responsible for quality deliverables. But here I am hardly finding  these skills required for the posts in job boards, newspaper or any reliable media even background qualification does matters much; they are open for B.E/Btech, MCA or simply MBA also can also do (BA certification -nowhere mentioned) . Some companies even doesn’t bother about these they just hire people from pure sales/marketing, finance/banking experience without any BA skills.

It doesn't seem to me any good prospects for BA in long term here due to such irregularities in profiles. I even experienced that firms often look confused when they go for hiring BA's. They just try to imitate organizations in US, UK and Australia and while doing so they create huge gaps in their structures.

The irony is that the firms in country like India are only interested in majority of the people either from technical/programming skills or totally business/operation skills to fulfill these kinds of positions. It appears that people from BA profession somewhere entangled between these two extremities as very few companies really offering exact BA roles. That's why some time before I thought for a BA certification, but what is the use of it when it doesn't engrave any impact on employers mind.

Anybody working as BA in India can carry forward this discussion a bit more!



Kumar Rohit



New Post 12/2/2009 11:38 AM
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Re: BA scenario in India 

Hi Kumar,

What you are experiencing in India doesn't sound much different then anywhere else in the world including US, Canada, UK, Australia.  The business analyst profession lacked a formal definition and recognition for a long time.  But that is changing.  The IIBA has been working hard towards the recognition of the role of the business analyst and there are now IIBA chapters in India.

Also - many global companies will more and more look for folks with specific business analysis experience and certifications.

So - don't dispair - it will come.  In the meantime - just call yourself a consultant and continue the great work of business analysis.

- Adrian

Adrian Marchis
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New Post 12/3/2009 5:30 AM
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Re: BA scenario in India 

Hi Adrian,

     Thanks for the valuable advice!! In this moment I am really in need of these consultations. I think, I need to look for some more consultation from you and the group in the mean time as my BA career is in jitters due to overshadowing recession period here in India.

This is very sensetive time for the people who are in this profession here. Truth is that in firm which I am working has started its downsizing process and we are on the top of the list, so kindly advise that what possible step I should take for shake of my career.   I am just trying to get through the interviews, but after lots of effort all goes in vain. It seems to me that my qualification, experience and knowledge are not working here. What went wrong is not understandable!!


Kumar Rohit.



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