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New Post 6/11/2021 1:40 AM
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Help Me Save My Apprenticeship 

Hi all, I am an apprentice and want some guidence as my apprenticeship has been one of the worst experiences of my working life.  I am 42 and changed my career from an IT Engineer to a BA.  I am 1 year into my apprenticeship and have 6 months to go.

1) Do BA's work on Agile teams when the project moves from a project to live or business as usual?

2) The Scrumaster said there is no BA's on an Agile team just analysts so the type of work is irrelevant.  

3) Following on from number 2 I was told that a Performance Analyst data is the same data a BA should produce.  Basically the PA is under pressure and they are asking me to now do the PA's weekly reports on statistics.  I just am struggling to see how this is relevant to my role.

Any help is much appreciated. 




New Post 6/18/2021 10:22 AM
User is offline Sonal Jaitley
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Re: Help Me Save My Apprenticeship 

Hi Michael,

I am sorry you are going through this. As per the scrum principles and practices the Scrum team or an Agile Team doesn't have any defined role for a BA. This doesn't mean that BA skill sets are not required. I have had the role and responsibilities of a Product Owner or a Proxy Product Owner while working with Scrum teams.

While working on a project I was responsible for managing the product backlog, participating in Sprint Planning and Grooming of User Stories, preparation of Test Plan or Test Cases and finally performing UAT and supporting the project from start to deployment. You might want to discuss the skill set you have and support you can provide to the project with  your Scrum Master.

My advice would be to not resist learning new things and you might realize later on how much it helped you understand the big picture and provide inputs/ recommendations on your next project. 

Hope you find this suggestion helpful.

New Post 8/25/2021 3:16 AM
User is offline Stewart F
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Re: Help Me Save My Apprenticeship 

Hi Drittz78, 


I am a BA manager and Change Director. I have seen all sorts of change over the years, and one fo the first things to tell you is that in the real world - i.e. not what any textbook wil tell you, anyone working on a projct may get asked to take up more than one role. I have been a Product Owner, Project Manager, Head Of Delivery and many more. 

Why is this I hear you say? Well there can be lots of reasons. The most common is that someone involved with projects at a higher level, thinks your company should have pre-defined roles. This is great if you work for a huge multi natinal conglomeret. If you don't, its less practical. 

I raised an eyebrow in disappointment when you said that your ScrumMaster said that there is no such thing as a Business Analyst - just Analysts. I'm sorry, but that just isn't true. 

If you are working on a large project that has far reaching spheres of work - both technical and Business process related, I would expect there to be many people working in the project. It is also quite likley that there may be a Systems Analyst (A systems Analyst is a more IT facing Business Anayst) AND a Business Analyst. The SA will work on techinical requirements and design. The BA will work on Business related changes, such as process changes and the like. 

It is true that in soe companies, where staff numbers may be smaller, you may be asked to fulfill both roles. But don;t let that put you off. They are very similar. 

At the end of the day it is just a title. I would disagree that you can have a definative statement saying that Business Analysts don;t exist in Agile. - Yes they do. Anyone can work in Agile. Agile is just a way of working. It does not define particualr roles and their responsibilities. 

Your second point about Performance Analysts - It is true that a Business Analyst MAY do that sort of work. They may also be the Scrum Master ! As I said before, depending on your comoany size and number fo staff, you may be asked to pick up all sorts of roles. 

I agree with the rpevious posted - take it as another feather in your cap. If you don't quite understand what they do (e.g. A Product Owner) then feel free to ask back here and I will gladly go through them all. 

At the end of the day, just treat it as a set of requirements and go from there, Be aware though that the BA will only gather the requirements needed so that a system or process can create the data. I would argue that it is not really for you to actually phyiscally create the data, How would you do that? Just by gatehring information, by some form of software? Really, there should be someone responsible for data across the business and it is them really that should be phyiscally creating it. 

From a person point of view, if I am the PA and I need some stats, I will create them myself. I wouldn;t delegate that. Unless there is s specific team to build and run such things. 

Your company appear to be rather immature when it comes to their Project Managemtn processes. Mqybe it is a good time to ask in your next 1 to 1 meeting with your line manager what exactly your role is defined as in the company? It may give you a clearer picture. That said, a BA can be a jack of all trades, so be prepared to accept other tasks as well.  

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