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Question for help 

hi, i have couple questions need your input and help. thank you so much.

1. what is the database design to define users' understanding of the data, and how the different data elements and composites are interrelated?

- Logical database design or Hierarchical databse or flatfile database or network database or relational database

2. when finalized, the problem statement communicates the mission of all memebers of the project team so everyone is working toward the same objective. the problem statement can be circulated to the stakeholders for comment and feedback. refering above who are the stakeholders?

- System users

- anyone who could be materially affected by the implementation of a new system

- department manager

- anyone outside of the system who interacts with the system by providing input or sharing the data

- chief officer and the MIS director


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Re: Question for help 


I assume your first question is about a database design  for user's interaction with application. 
It will be great if you can elaborate more on your requirement.

If it is about representation of the interaction with the data elements and composite attributes then I would recommend the ER data model.

ER model represents the relational database design with entities their attributes  ,the relationships among entities. The flow data in the application can be well represented and also it will be very helpful while debugging errors.
As it is a high level representation of modeling with data abstraction it can be delivered to the stakeholders as well.

Hope this helps.

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  Modern Analyst Forums  Business and Sy...  General  Question for help

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