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Qlikview “Aggr” function equivalent in Microstrategy 
Modified By Chris Adams  on 1/28/2019 11:43:08 AM)

Hi all, I'm trying to replicate the Qlikview Aggr function in microstrategy. I have the Qlikview code below, and what I think is the equivalent sql translation. The fields would be attributes in my data set. The idea is if you select a value from a filter in the dashboard it filters "where" clause in the metric. Is there a way to build parameters in to metrics in microstrategy? Or does anyone have a suggestion how to build an equivalent metric? I'm really scratching my head on the subquery part, I don't know if I could build that as a fact, and then build a metric from it?

Qlikview: Max({<Field1=>} Aggr(Sum({<Field2={'Value1'},Field3={'Value2'}, Field1=>} ThingCount), Field1)) SQL Equivalent: select Max(Value) from( select Sum(case when Field2 in ('Value1') and Field3 in ('Value2') and Field1 is not NULL then ThingCount end) as Value, Field1 from Table where Field1 = "FilterValue" group by Field1 )a

Thanks in advance.

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  Modern Analyst Forums  Business and Sy...  General  Qlikview “Aggr” function equivalent in Microstrategy

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