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Hot Thread with new postsSSIS package comparision.
 by Reddy
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7/17/2010 8:39 AM
by Reddy
Hot Thread with new postsClaims Processing in Healthcare
 by Varun
No Rating
7/16/2010 11:00 PM
by Varun
Hot Thread with new postsWhat is Data Inventory in data migration? What is the importance of it in DM activities?
 by Raghavendra
No Rating
7/13/2010 1:37 PM
by Raghavendra
Hot Thread with new postsRelevance of BA in data migration activities
 by Ashutosh
No Rating
7/9/2010 1:56 PM
by Goldie
Hot Thread with new postsFeatures? What the heck are they?
 by piyush
No Rating
6/17/2010 1:49 PM
by Anthony Chen
Hot Thread with new postsDriver Updates? Any one use DriverMD?
 by Seilevel
No Rating
6/10/2010 5:24 PM
by Seilevel
Hot Thread with new postsPEGA BPM for Business Analyst
 by raj
No Rating
6/10/2010 3:01 AM
by raj
Hot Thread with new postsFree poster: Project management from a BA's perspective
 by Alex - Aotea Studios
No Rating
6/7/2010 9:44 PM
by Alex - Aotea Studios
Hot Thread with new postsBA challanges - EA frameworks TOGAF
 by NewBzAnalyst
No Rating
5/27/2010 1:05 PM
by NewBzAnalyst
Hot Thread with new postsPlease critique my resume
 by skip87
No Rating
5/14/2010 11:42 AM
by skip87
Hot Thread with new postsValue Added Business Analysis: Business/IT Service Mapping
 by Jarett Hailes
No Rating
5/3/2010 10:35 AM
by Jarett Hailes
Hot Thread with new postsList of Project Documents
 by ram
No Rating
4/30/2010 1:17 AM
by ram
Hot Thread with new postsThanks
 by Williams Lewis
No Rating
4/27/2010 11:28 AM
by Williams Lewis
Hot Thread with new postsDiff. b/w Health & Welfare and Health care
 by VadivelGopal
No Rating
4/22/2010 3:28 PM
by Craig Brown
Hot Thread with new postsDoubt about using use cases !!!
 by VadivelGopal
No Rating
4/22/2010 3:26 PM
by Craig Brown
Hot Thread with new postsWhat articles (or other resources) would be most useful to BAs?
 by Guy Beauchamp
No Rating
4/22/2010 3:19 PM
by Craig Brown
Hot Thread with new postswhat would you do?
 by Craig Brown
No Rating
4/22/2010 2:46 PM
by Craig Brown
Hot Thread with new postsSystem Specification Document -Customer (Page: 1, 2)
 by Mesh
No Rating
4/21/2010 8:13 AM
by Jennysq
Hot Thread with new postsHealth Care Certification
 by VadivelGopal
No Rating
4/19/2010 7:03 AM
by VadivelGopal
Hot Thread with new postsClarification on Health care domain
 by VadivelGopal
No Rating
4/19/2010 1:40 AM
by VadivelGopal
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I recently had the pleasure of chatting with Wolfgang Goebl, a visionary in the field of business architecture and enterprise design. His unique approach, which he refers to as "architectural thinking," and his work with the EDGY framework, offer valuable insights into the future of organizational structure and design. This tool covers th...
Our next speaker in our Blueprints for Success series is none other than Roger Burlton, a prominent leader in business architecture. As founder of Process Renewal Group, Roger has spent over three decades helping businesses worldwide translate strategy into execution. “Intention is everything.” – Roger Burlton Known for his ...



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